Monday, January 22, 2007


10 am Monday morning.
Outside Chamnie Eye Studio.

Didn't get any sleep yesterday night. Went to bed at 7 am this morning. I stayed up watching youtube all night.
So many weird and funny videos there to find... I like to check out the workout videos there. Great way to incorporate other peoples tecnique to your own. I found youtube great. They have so much info there its incredible.
I heard that if a person watch too much he/ she will become dumb. Actually it came from my wife, she read it somewhere.. I dont think she likes me watching youtube to much. hahaha

Hope my blog doesn't dumb you guys or what do you think ?

What else. My shoot went well today. Took a bit longer then It needed too. I guess the clients and photographer had difficulties to find the right picture they wanted, My job throughout the shoot was to sit with my back to the camera while Female model Chrissa was doing the rest Man, I have a hard job ;) huh...
Getting my hair cut. Luckily I got away easy. They didnt cut my hair the same as the layout. Also, good for me I knew the hairstylist since many years back. So I told him to fake the length of my hair ;) Smart huh.

More touch ups. Talk about being pamperd today..

Lucnh break. Look at that food. Damn I love my job...

Supporters of The Universal Player !

Tomorrow Tuesday I have a shoot for Magazine print ad something with another brazilian model"Jefferson".
Will be interesting.