Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday !
Resting out in the house. Wacthing Dvd's and catching up with some good rest.
6 pm hair appointment at Auto Salon (Siam Square).
Never heard about this salon before..
Its for my hair job"Clinic Clear" on this coming Monday. So they wanted my hair waxed before that.
Tomorrow monday. They are going to cut my hair 2-3 inches at the shoot. But I will only allow them 1 1/2 inch max. Psst.. Dont tell the client. hee ;)

I know.haha looks funny huh ?
Cant emagine I'll let you guys see me like this" with a plastic wrap around my head". But hey.. Who sad it was easy being good looking ;)

Working on my book and calendar...Still alot of work ahead, nothing comes free..

Thats all for this week.

Nooooooooooo.... Thats not all ;)

I still have the ANNOUNCEMENT to make.....


After checking my Player comments from you all. Wich turned out to be only a few..But very good few ones..." distincly bold, Bitchy Mikey, Victoria, Kat.
I had a hard time choosing the person to win today, Some of you guys where all close to the concept, and have supported me for sometime now. For me you are all winners. But as the game rules are. We all know, there can only be one winner today.
I have finally a winner, who left me a very precise comment on my blog about the concept for my calendar 2008 and why he should win this exceptional unique price.
This is the Player comment from the winner !
Black, hard makeup, loves music, crazy hairstyles, leather...i think it's sumthing like a hard rocker (or punk) thing?heeehe!i rily don't know...but f m ryt, u shud giv me d cap coz i dont own 1...heeehe!i don't wear caps (any types of cap) coz caps dont look cool on my head(teehee!)...but it thnk it wil fit on my head coz, wel, it's a "universal cap", ryt?evn big-headed martians can wear that cap...heeehe!
Please Let me announnce you all the WINNER !

The winner is "LUCKY" who has won this faboulous price. ( "Lucky" Bastard,hahaha ;)
Congratulations to you man. Yehhhaaaaa....
Could you please email me your home adress. So I can post you the Universal Player hat in the week.
You have now been officially mark as a Universal Player.
There will be more prizes to win, as my brand grows.

Thanks to all Player comments and support once again.
Hope you had a great week.
Much love

P.S "BENZ" Kak pozhivAesh ?
happy to hear I got a reader all the way from moscow ;) yeah, better work hard while we still young ;) Good luck for your final exam. Keep it cool. YOU CAN DO IT.. UDACHI !.. and thanks for your support..