Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Wednesday !

Meeting with photographer P Yai, and his agent and stylist"Bambi".
After 1.30 hour meeting, disscusing my business projects" Book & Calendar". I've decided not work with them as part of my team for these projects.
Decided to do the whole shoot myself and with my wifes help.
Arranging another photographer tomorrow.

What else ? Hmmmmm
Been resting all day from the week's work.

Today I recevied this email to my personal Inbox. Amazing, they had the guts to email me something like this.
This is what I recevied.

I'm a dear friend of mira's and I would like to, with all well-meaning
intention, dispel all the misunderstandings that have appeared to allow
things to go out of control. First and foremost, I'd like to clarify that
the person leaving all those negative comments, both previously and
presently, (under an "anonymous" persona) on your blog is NOT, and never
was, mira. I know her personally and therefore I am fully aware that she has
never had any ill intention towards you.

I am afraid that you have entirely wronged her and the comments on your blog
are totally uncalled for. I feel really unjustified about the situation and
rightly so too, because it is only common sense for one to be quite unhappy
when one's loved one has been unjustly treated.

I'm sure you quite understand this notion. When that "anonymous" person left
those uncivil comments on your blog, your friends readily defended you and
bolstered your spirits with kind words. My understanding is that so far, you
are in tune with the case that I'm fronting.

I know I am better off doing my homework right now and leading my own quiet
life but you have openly provoked my dear friend and it upsets me so. Your
friend's mean comments on mira were similarly unfair and ill-placed. I do
not recall mira having ever provoked you or your loved ones directly nor has
she ever maligned you. Both of us are not frequent visitors of your blog at
all and I was only aware of your blog having existed when I was informed abt
this understanding.

I sincerely hope that you do not take this the wrong way before all I wanted
was to resolve this misunderstanding and to relinquish all animosity
directed at my innocent friend. I can't quite say how much it hurts me to
see how you've misappropriated the situation and made a big deal out of
something that is simply a mishap in understanding. I am not here to judge
you as a person (for that is not my business nor intention) but to merely
help you realise that perhaps you have unnecessarily caused pain to others,
namely mira. I am not trying to be self-righteous (in fact i abhor such an
attitude) but I do think (and i'm sure you'd agree) that a certain level of
civility and kindness in understanding never hurt anybody.

Lastly, the most wonderful thing about blogs is that each and everyone has
the degree of freedom to express themselves openly. People blog for various
reasons. Yours, I assume, is to front your career and for leisure. I've
never been in the business of criticizing people who are not within my
circle of personal relations and friends and I'm not about to start now (for
truly, I believe only one's loved ones have the right to criticize them and
mostly too out of love and concern) but truly, please do not form unkind
assumptions about a person through their blog unless the person is of
veritable importance and concern to you.

I really regret having to write this email for it is never anyone's desire
to embark on clarifying something formed out of an unpleasant situation. I
hope no hostile feelings will follow this little 'situation' and my most
sincere desire to clarifiy things. I seek nothing more than to vindicate
mira from your baseless accusations and the unnecessary hurt that entailed.

I thank you for your time and attention.

Yours sincerely, Soefie
This is soefie "Email" if anyone want's to contact her for business:
Good luck.

I also receivd this comment today on my blog.
Its funny what this "Person is saying".
Comment below..
DAMN Patrick!! Your english SUCKS bigtime man!!!! Please take some englishcourses or something, because your spelling REALLY irritates me...
It's spellingmistakes in every sentence you write!
Did you flunk in english or something?? Because it's not everyday I see so incrediably bad english writings!

Now, you don't have to react in an angry way after reading this input. If I were you, I would improve my english rather than getting mad at the person telling you this...

Seriously, it's TERRIBLE...

Haha, its funny because. This "Person" is saying that my spelling SUCKS BIGTIME. haha.. I agree with the "person". It sucks..
But this person is obviously reading my blog everyday :) Damn my blog must be so fucking good. hahaha
The"Person" who left that comment.. Especially this"Did you flunk in english or something??)
This is my answer to that. I didn't flunk in english bro. I've never went to school, seriously. And look at me where I am today ;)
Where are you today who can speak so good english ???? Hmmmmm. no where else then reading my blog. haha. Thats a fact.
And i'm not reacting mad, to dumb peoples comments like your's, or the girls photos that I posted yesterday.
U guys really make my day much more fun and interesting. Thank you.. ;)
When I started this blog. I didn't get any comments at all, but now I'm getting more everyday and that means only one thing. The blog is getting better everyday. And that is still a FACT ;)
Thanks and keep on watching, your comments will be much appreciated.
Remember people only care about facts nothing else. And everything I sad right here in my blog, so far is pure facts.
Yess. I can admit my english sucks. Thats a fact... But at least I'm trying to do something about it. what are you trying to do yourself. The fact is that, youre dumb comments are still on my blog ;)
So how smart is that ????

Dont know if you all have heard about the famous blogger girl in singapore" Xiaxue" ?
I mean what is up with these low class, slob-bloggers today. Check it for yourself.
This girl is only talking about other people lifes. its all bad, negative words coming out from her mouth about people and things. Such a TURN OFF. How difficult is it to talk shit about people on your blog or in real life ? Because you as a person dont have a life yourself, so you need to talk about other people lives. Its not justt me saying that. All successful people in the world will agree with me ;)
I dont see their point..
Do you ?

Try to do the same as I do. Do you see me talking shit on your blog. Nooo you dont... And do you know why ? Because I'm to busy with my own shit ;)

And if anyone of you can find a blog that has as much content as I do. I will pay you personally 1 million dollar for telling me the adress.
Because I know it doesn't excist...
Do you ?

A lesson for today.
To become successful. Start to surround yourself with successful people at all time. Like me and blog.
It will teach you a lot.
I dont bother you if you dont bother me.
Learn that. The world is flat and there isnt many places to go. So start working it otherwise you will be left behind ;) And that's another TRUE FACT !

Also thank's for your advice that I should improve my english. I'm working on it right now ;)

My wife is currently creating her blog as well.
Will be something to look out for in the future. Her blog will be as hot as mine. Trust me ;)

Wow, I just got this comment now, while typing this post.
sorry to say this but your attitude really sucks. and i was deceived by your good looks for you lack of empathy. yes, you may be a supermodel as you claim to be but having the looks isnt everything if you lack feelings. and the remarks by victoria was totally uncalled for. if you really am a professional, then those remarks by the 15yrs old shouldnt affect you that much. maybe you can take into consideration what they have commented and maybe that can help you bring yourself closer to your younger fans. but by screwing them badly shows that you are really childish. and whats with the google search? are you like self-obsessed or something? i think the search for fame make you lose the human touch.
and lastly, do something about the english. my 10 yearsold niece can do a better job

I got only one thing to say. Stay of my property if you got nothing good to say. I dont need loser fans like you guys.
And about the google search thing." about me being self obsessed".
I'm just looking over my business as any other succesful business person would do. And if you had business, with I dont think you have. You would have understand that, and not left your comment on my blog.
I'm sure you live on wellfare every month, and it pisses you off by seeing me living life larger then you can ever dream of.
Your 3-4 years of salary equals to mine 1 day shoot. haha. So you cant really piss me off. haha......
Being YOUNG doesn't give you reason to say whatever you want. Take responsibility with your actions.
Not even my younger sister"Sarah in sweden who is 15 years old, talk like that. Its because my family have raised us well.
From now on..
I wont be replying to any dumb comments anymore on this blog.. Just so everyone knows.
Thanks for the time being, but we not getting anywhere like this. At least not YOU !
Your truly,
Universal Player.