Thursday, January 25, 2007


Thursday !
Woke up about 10 am and got ready to continue to write my book.
I'm very excited about the outcome of the book & Calendar.
Had to restructure my business plan a bit for the Book & Calendar. As I sad before in my blog. I'm trying to get sponsorship for the book. I have approached some of the very big names in the industry from coffe, camera, clothing, watch companies etc.
Its quite difficult to get them as my sponsors,not because they dont belive in this project. A BIG part is "TRUST" of course. Or the company doesn't have the budget to spare for such a great project as mine? Yes, I have done their product Campaign maybe one or even two times before. But how would these companies trust me by sending alot of cash to the otherside of the world. I could be a super scam for alll I know. But it isn't.
Have told myself, doesn't matter whether I get sponsors or not.
I will do this project by myself to any cost and it will succeed. I have learned something during my 5-6 years of traveling in the fashion. Being stubburn as I am, and not giving up. Have been one of the key tools for my success. Being persistent and dedicated in your work, life and belife's. Will take you to the top "always".
I spoke to my father today on the phone from sweden.
We spoke about my work etc and a bit about this blog im doing. My father encourage me and sad that everything I;m doing is great. Its like this famous person who's name is Robert Aschberg. He is very straight and controversal As I can remember.
Very straight forward and honest guy.
My dad implied.. ("That me and this swedish guy kind of work the same. He sad" That's right my son" Just hang them out people who are speaking shit" after all its good publicity for you". And on top of that. Let the people on your blog judge wheter its right or no.") My dad said it though in a bit nicer words. Im just expanding his words a bit. To make you guys understand. Since my english is not that GOOD ;) We all know about that, right ;)
And we all know that end of the day.. WORK SPEAKS for itself !
Then he finished off.. In these kind of words. Saying I dont need to justifie myself for anyone and you can please them all. People leaving ignorant comments like this people have done, will sooner or later declare themself bankrupt.
Its a fact....

Anyway back to my book & Calendar.
So after restructuring my plans for the calendar and book. I have now decided to brake down the cost a bit. Since it seems like I cant get any sponsors. If I would have gotten the sponsor deals for my projects. The production cost for the book & Calndar would have been around 150.000;- usd. But that amount will definitly be changed now. Grrrrr. The expenses for the hole shoot will be only born by me now. But that doesnt mean the shoot will be less interesting. I actually see this oppertunity as a challenge to be more creative and to put more effort in to the project.
I'm sure once the book and calendar is ready for Sale. I will be more proud of it for have been able to create this all by myself and with my wife help. Like any other big company in the world have.. And you can ask them yourself. They all have a amazing story to tell ;)
I'm sure this will be one of mine.
For my next book.
I'm sure it will be much easier to get sponsorships "Trust me" ;)

Oh, I got these pictures from two magazine shoot I did last december in Bangkok. "Volume & the other one I cant pronounce because it was in Thai"
Im very happy about these two work. As I really put my heart in to every shoot I do.
As you all know, I'm very happy to share my happines with you.
Hope you guys like it ?

I have been receiveing very nice PLAYER comments latley from vety nice."I'm sure successful people in their own rights".
Wanted to post their comments here, because everyday coming and opening up my blog and see that people really appreciate your work. Its such a great feeling that its difficult to explain. Especially when you have such a bad english like I do ;)
But Im sure you all know what I mean.
So Ihave decided from now on, iT will be only good positive comments that will be part on my blog.
I really love all your support and comments given.
Would love to reply you all, you should all know that. But just so you guys now. I spend around 3-4 hours everyday sometimes more on this blog. First from all the filiming at day time and evening, then back home to do editing in Imovie on my macbook. Then after it takes me time to convert all the videos to mpeg format so I can Upload all the videos to wich takes time hell of a long time as well. Then to write everything about my dday etc. And doing these things are kind of nuts to be honest. And tha's why I can honestly say. There aren't any other blog our there in the blogosphere that can compete with mine. Not saying I'm better or anything like that. Noo. I'm just explaining to you guys my hard work and love to show you my life.
As I sad, anything can be achived with hard work, passion and dedication. Ai'nt that a true UNIVERSAL PLAYER ;)

Here are the fabolous comments that.
First of all, that person who sent you an email is either Mira herself or a close friend of hers who has so much guts to criticize other people but is not strong enough to take the same things back. And if they were not a regular visitor like what that so called 'SOEFIE' said, how come they seem to know so much about your life and your blog? These people are called COWARDS. They have all the intentions in the world to throw bad things to other people but are too scared to show off, because they know for a fact that they have so much more flaws than the person they are trying to put down. I pity them. These people's lives must be so boring that they have to exert so much effort in trying to put you down and at the same thing trying to clear things up... this is so VAGUE. I would never want to hear anything from them again. So please, you Soefie and Mira, Patrick already said that he's no longer entertaining things like this, so let us all just leave that thing that has happened this week behind us and continue with our own lives. There's so much to see in life, and I truly believe that learning from one another is one of the most wonderful and priceless things in the world. You may come and take a look at Patrick's blog as it is his intentions for putting it up...It's his way of sharing his colorful life to his fans and the non-fanatics are welcome as well. I've been following this blog for quite sometime now and there were no such comments like those before...I believe that it's not and never will be Patrick's intentions to start a little girl fight on his blog because this guy is working on his career and he's sharing that with everyone...not to put us down nor to hurt our feelings.

For that other person who left you a comment, the one who said my comments were so uncalled for, you're not deceived by Patrick's looks, if you only take a look at his blog and everything that he's been doing, then you would know that that there's much more to him than being good-looking. This is no longer about a 15 year old girl who lacks common sense and commented really unpleasantly...this about having RESPECT. That young girl showed no respect, not one bit and therefore it's no surprise that she's not getting any respect from Patrick nor from Patrick's followers. It's not about how young or old one is...its how your parents raised're right on that one, Patrick. It's a good move that you're not going to reply anymore comments, let's just act like as if we don't see what they have to say since its all BULLCRAP. Let's all have fun like how we used to... :-) You, our supermodel, and the rest of the gang who get inspired by your gestures.

I would like to say that I could feel every passion you put into this, Patrick, it's so nice of you to be extremely honest, yes, I agree man, your English is not flawless, just like mine and more than 75% of the world's population. And who cares? There are many successful people whose english is just ordinary. You never gone to school and where you are now is somewhere that took you more than just education to achieve. It's a state in life where you make people somehow cheerful, it's somewhere you inspire us even with the smallest of things, it's where honesty, respect and passion are what matter the most.

From this day on, Patrick, let's not give these weird people any attention. Just let them say what they have to say or simply erase their desperately jealous comments.

Cheers dude!

God Bless and Stay Gorgeous!

loves and regards...

From: Lucky
"From now on..
I wont be replying to any dumb comments anymore on this blog.. Just so everyone knows."

ei patrick, ths s d best thing that u can do... u rily cannot please evrybody... don't mind them... u knw urslf bettr than any1 of us... so jst continue doing ur great and fabuleux stuffs and we, who blieve in u, r all hir 2 support u...

jst stay supr cool and hot universal playr, ok?

From: Serene
heya i'm serene. hahaa just checked your blog. :)))

Seriously, perhaps 'that somebody' may be suffering from inferiority complex, feeling sore out of other's achievements and aspirations. Well, get a life !!!

Most business gurus believe that those who do great things in life, are those who are able to recognize and applaud to other's positive progress and success; thereby engage in intellectual ideas sharing. Rather than pin pointing on spelling errors and stuff which are soo insignificant compared to big ideas. It's mere silly.

Anyway this is a blog, what's worth our attention is the inspiring ideas and lifestyle pat n avi u're sharing. Who cares whether i spell "together" as "togehrere" or "friendly" as "frenley". This somebody seriously needs intellectual stimulants to see what's the big picture and the underlying inspiring things shared, rather than some puny spelling errors. LOL.

Anyway I can't wait for next season to start in singapore because here's wayyy tooo quiet for t-party . Cos much model friends left for jobs in respective countries before they gonna be back early mid this year. :((((

Best Regards For you and lovely avi


PS: come singapore soon with avi!! we miss you for attica and T-Party!!!

Opss.. did i spell anything wrong anywhere?? before i get hounded too ?? LOLLLLL

adios besos mucho !!!

From: Distincly bold
Hey. . about those mean comments. . from the looks of it. . their singaporeans. . cause im a singaporean. . haha. . dont mind them. . all their life. . i guess they were born to pester people. . and maybe they arent as successfull as u are. . and u know what patrick!!!!!. .I landed myself in an advertising company. . they were looking for new faces. . and i was chosen!!. . aint that cool!!. . im so happy with myself . maybe u should check out one of my pictures in my blog. . couldnt upload anymore pic. . cause there was somthing wrong with my blog. . grr. . there's just this one picture in it. . its black n white. . and erm i hope u remember me. . its shikin. . the girl from Tangs over at Vivo. .and erm yeah. . ure wife she's also an inspiration to me. . does she have a blog of her own??..
Thanks once again for all your support.
Benz I thank for you comment man. You right. Its nothing to care for. And by the way. I love the idea of ribbsaeter-scholarship. Its kind of Zoolander"For kids who cant read and write" haha.
I will definitly keep it i mind when I become rich one day ;)
Ive heard that moscow is expensive. I dont understand what you do there in the freezing cold ? haha ;)
Well studies are studies. We all got to do what we need to make our success wheter its freezing in moscow or posing in front of a camera. End of the day. We all know can be proud of the hard work we have put ourself through.

Much love to everyone.
Patrick ;)

Tonight I have some a nice workout video as well to post.
Also " Rahul" thanks for your comment. You sad you've where wondering about modeling agencies in Asia. Please specify, so I can help you.