Saturday, January 27, 2007


Saturday !
What have I’ve been doing today.
Not much...
Just chilling out in bed watching movies and the news. Doing some emails, checking my blog etc.
Planning a vacation / business trip to an island on monday to finish the book I’m writing.
Going to take a nice bungalow by the beach and chill out with some fresh seafood and drinks for couple of days.
About the shoot next week.
Haven’t heard back from the stylist yet ? I guess she’s busy with a lot of work right now. Will do a follow up on Monday before I go. Stylist’s in bangkok make quite good money to be in Thailand. Up and coming stylists makes around 10,000;- baht a day, witch is around 300 Usd.
A more famous stylist makes around 20,000;- baht (600 usd) and more per day.
And there are heaps of work in Bangkok to do. My first travel to bangkok was in year 2001.
At that time there where no international models around in Bangkok. It was great because it was a paradise for work. A lot of Tv-commercials, print Ads etc etc. The budgets where ranging from 5-10-30 thousand Usd for one day shoot. It was mad working 5-6 days a week.... For the past 3 years the market has changed a lot. There a masses of new models coming to Asia. Especially many models from brazil. I must agree too, they are beautiful people. But sending the masses can only end up as what ?
Market decline for models in terms of jobs and money per each job. Since there are so many new modeling agencies opening up and undercutting each other to get the jobs, the market is getting destroyed totally. Most of the new agencies doesn’t understand the business. If you sell models cheap for a start, it will work.. But in the long run it doesn’t. Since models come to Asia to make money. And as a agency selling models cheap. What does these agencies think ?? That the best models want to work for peanut mony. Noooooo way.....
So they have put them self in a bad position, and will most likely end up bankrupt.
Now you know some information about the Thai market and the modeling here.
More to come soon.....

P.S. Here is a sneak peak of two photos from my (PETA CAMPAIGN) Peple for Ethical Treatment of Animals. From last year(December). I'm not sure what photos PETA will choose. We took so many photos that day. I liked these ones. These are the RAW file. The photos will come out in Sweden, Thailand ,India, Philippines this year.. Keep your eyes open ;)