Sunday, January 28, 2007


Sunday !
Continue to chill out in bed...
Wow, I have never rested this much before ;)
I guess my mind and body is mentally tired after all the work and personal life.
Can’t wait t leave to for the island tomorrow, ahhhhhhhhhh ;)
I just need to double check with my agency in “Bangkok” so I don’t have any “booking’s” coming in this week. I hate sometimes when you are planning to go for a trip somewhere and suddenly they call you for a job. “PATRICK, you got a big campaign to shoot”. I’m never complain about work though. But modeling can be such a hard business sometimes.
The fashion and modeling business really makes you mentally strong. All these young girls starting at 15 and up will experience many weird things during their modeling career. Compare to other 15 years olds. You are always traveling the world alone, meeting new people,friends and cultures. You have so-called friends all over the world which is very nice and accommodating while travel. You always bump in to somebody you know somewhere in another foreign country. I’d must say. Models know a lot about the world and things happening. I feel very privilege to being able to travel the world of modeling and experience all these beautiful things it offers. It have thought me a lot of things. Life is beautiful and the world is big”In the same time, small”.. Enjoy it while it last...
I enjoy it like that “being a bit impulsive in my actions towards risks”. Before in the beginning of the modeling I could do things without thinking what the outcome would be. These day’s it feels much better having control of my life, maybe because I’m starting my own business and life in India. My life has been a very exciting journey, and gotten me a lot of experience of the world and people.”. Modeling business is a tough and competitive world. Many models are new to the business and today anyone seems to be a model or at least trying to. Some people just need to realize that they aren’t meant to be a MODEL... Sorry if I sound rude. But I wouldn’t take up your space if didn’t believe in it. Would you ?
Especially models who doesn’t work that well...
But of course everybody has their own fare square to try...
Can you see that I have uploaded new comment box for my blog, and how do you like it ?
Comment box is not being changed because of all the dumb comments I have received for the past couple of week’s. I just thought it was about time to improve and learn more about blogging.. After all, I want my visitors to enjoy the blog.

These two day’s I have been looking on people different blogs. Its interesting to see what some people do,their fetish and what their attitude is towards life and how they live it.
I came across very good information on many blogs, but most of them was not useful at all.
"BUT HEY" After all.. We are different kinds of people ;) And that makes each blog very "unique"...

Have you’ve seen any other model blog like mine ? And if you have.. Please email me the address.. Would be fun to see how other people are working it.
(In business and life you should always know your competitors strong side and weaknesses).
Thats why its good know your enemies”Like people leaving dumb comments” because they are the one who will tell you the truth or lie. Filter the things they have sad. And use it at all time for your own success and learn from their mistakes and bullshit.

Here are some great business info for you.(I took it out from one of my books)

“You can achieve the unthinkable”
Firstly you need to aim beyond what you are capable of. You must develop a complete disregard for where your abilities end.
Try to do the things that you’re incapable of.
If you think you’re unable to work for the best company in its sphere, make that your aim. If you think you’re incapable of running a company, make that your aim.If you’re unable to be on the cover of “TIMES MAGAZINE”, make it your business to be there. Make your vision of where you want to be in reality. (Nothing is Impossible)

Apply this thinking and belief for today"sunday",and continue the thinking for the future. I'll promise it will change your life totally. See and visualize how do you want the next week to be. I’ll promise it will be exactly the way you want it to be ;)
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