Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Announcement !

Now' YOU ' have the possibility to be part of creating my Personal Calender for 2007.
In January i will be creating my own personal calender that you will be able to order from my website. I know its a bit late,but better late then never ;)
My plan for the calender was going to be nude,black and white photographie. But since I have a very big Shampoo( Clinic Clear ) Tv-commercial for Asia pacific and maybe worldwide early January next year. Im not sure if the client would like that. So know im re-thinking the concept for my Calender.
Last week I had a meting with a great photographer from france(Ludovic Cazeba)
His work reminds me about David Lachapelle. Very Fashion and sureal. So his idea for the shoot was to create 12 different creative stories. With all these ideas in my head Im stuck in between of how it will look like.
I would like to ask YOU as my reader. Do YOU have any idea that would fit for my calender. All idea's will be taken under cosideration and will be very appreciated.
Please email or post it here under comments
Much love
Your supermodel.
Patrick ;)