Friday, December 29, 2006

Great News..

Yesterday ( Thursday) I spoke to my wife in the Philippines.
She wants to come back to Thailand and see me again.
Both know we cant be without eachother and have decided work things out whatever the problem is.
Our love is too SPECIAL and STRONG to let go,just like that...
Im so happy for these news,and cant wait to see her again tonight ;)
Sorry If I got you guys worried and confused there for a while. But relationships are hard and not everyone is professional in the subject.
As long as people want to learn and do things better. We should always support that kind of belief. After all, it starts with your own belief's.
So this year wont finish bad after all ;)
Hope you will have faboulous time on New year and a great start for the next Year.
Much love


"Lucky' I loved your idea for the calender shoot.Thanks man.....
Same idea almost what French photographer Ludovic wanted.
Will take your idea under consideration and discuss it with Ludovic.
Keep you posted.

For my I will update it shortley.