Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Tuesday night out

Christmas Dinner with my modeling agency(Modemodels Bangkok).
dinner with the agency was great. had a fabulous time throughout the hole night. Afterwards,I ended up partying the night away at a ngithspot called"Flick"..
At the dinner we talked about how the market has changed alot in Thailand the last 3 years. There are many new smaller agencies opening up and undercutting the market by selling new beginner models for cheaper price. From my point of view. You also get what you bargain for ;)
So I gave the agency)Modemodels) my perspective on how my agency in Mumbai(India) going to be.
Currently the owner of modemodels havent spend much time for the agency(Modemodels,as he is involved with many other business ventures in Thailand.
And thats like having a ship without a captain.
The bookers at modemodels have been in the industry for very long time and knows the business well.
But still they need that extra guidance a leader only can give.
I really hope the owner is coming back soon,I know he will.
And I will be there to support them ;)
If you want to check their website. They are great.....

ps I wasent able to take any pictures or interviews yesterday. I found out in the taxi that the phone had ran out of battery,grrrrr....
But my friend (Nathan) from Syndey just recent emailed me some pictures from the Christmas night.
I look a bit trash here. But I guess thats ok as well,hee ;)
My friend (Nathan) me and Avi.