Saturday, November 11, 2006

Saturday 2006.11.11

Photoshoot for Lenovo.

Photo below is NOT the product I was shooting for,Im just practicing my poses.
The product from the shoot. I can't unfortunatley post the pictures or video until the client have released the Ad for the public eye.
All I can say now. It was a great first day shoot with Client ,Photographer , Stylist, Hair and Make up and assistants. Everyone really made this shoot great,and fun to do. During the shoot,especially when the client wants you to act. (To get the right picture,I was using a name "Peter"pretending he was my staff.,and then I acted it out) And it became a kind of joke threw out the shoot. Maybe they thought I was my boyfriend,im screaming ;-) hahaha....
U need to be there to understand the fun off it.
I really looking forward to shoot tomorrow as well.