Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday Morning 09.00 am.
Casting for Hair commercial.
It turned out the producer liked my acting skills,and possible want to tie up with me to shoot 12 different commercials. WOW ;-)

The team and Agency it self.

Ms Adel is keeping the models busy with alot of work. She just started out with Avenue models,a month back. And she already does a super great job for everyone, client's, models and her self.

Head Booker: Benjamin. Doing a tremendously fantastic job for everyone involved with Avenue models. Keeping everything under"cool"control and always make sure everyone are in their best comfort. *Cheers B*

Accountant: Ms Seiw Chen below. Also does a great job,wich is top secrect "Sorry guys". There's also Ms Danian keeping things in pace,currently on leave for the day. Shes the sister of the owner Mr Chuando. Recognized for his eye,to create amazing photography shoots..

Keeping the maintenance fresh. Ms Lele from the Philippines.

After the agency it was of to the gym and sun tanning to keep my self fresh.
While sunbathing,agency called and told me that I needed to book a pedicure for tomorrow shoot.'On Client's request'.

Later that afternoon at 5 pm,I was off to the 'Vacheron Constantin' watch show.

And the day is over. Not yet,still have a few hours to work on my Blog.