Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday Shoot
2 Day Lenovo Campaign

Wakeup call at 09.00 am. Grrr... So early.. I dont like early morning on sundays. But I love my work ;-)
It was the second day of for the campaign shoot for Lenovo brand.
Been working all week long without any good rest and workout. But I still feel super good,and ready to work some more. Everything float well throughout the 2 days shoot. We had alot of fun and many laughs to remember. That's how I love to maintain my works..

Makeup artist: Elaine Lim get's down with my hair.
Director: Arthur Chua below from and me.

Fashion Stylist: Jerri Ng lives in paris and loves it there. Thanks for the shoot and wonderful experience. Cu soon. *Au ruvoir*

Mr kader from
WWW.REDWORKS.COM. Great guy and fun to work with.

Mr Chris Koh.
Hes the brain behind creating and building the setup for the shoot. I must say,I was very impressed. Thumbs up Chris

Parts of the Studio.

Mr Siang"the Mysterious man from yesterday". keeping things cool.

At the Second shoot for the day"SAMSUNG".

Makeup And preparation

Models on Stand by and ready to shoot.

Hairstylist Rick,knew what he's was doing.. We need more people like that.

Models need to rest. But what's up with the TUNG !
I guess its her TRADEMARK,nice work sweety..

And who sad models dont eat ?

Hmmmmm,maybe I should remind you.........

Client gathering,talking about where to place all the beautiful models.Hmmm

Casting Director Vivian Phua and Fashion stylist Brenda Tham.
Knows how to have fun while working....

Last but not least.
Leslie Sim

Exclsivge Interview with the Assitant manager from'SAMSUNG'
Mr Chon Hong.

This is not all....
Please visit my for more backstage Interviews with Photographer ROY and models Realda and Felipe Heck
Its been a great day and week for me. Been working all week long and meet some amazing and interesting people. Every week is a great journey for me now.

So to finish the week like this,is a great feeling of success and new bond of friendships. Tonight it will be popcorn and movie as reward.