Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yesterday Friday early evening, I had a great meeting with a new business client Click here for their website:Website
Last week I got in touch with Louisa from through another person, about their new business setup here in London(Uk). They where interested to hear about the Adee Phelan Hair salon promotion we had and on how we could work together in the future.
A few days ago, I meet with Louisa for a coffee, our meeting was great and successful and in a cheerful and relaxed mood. Yesterday I meet with Jack one of the 4 share holders in the company. Very fun and charming guy to deal with, since Jack has background from marketing as well, we are perfectly on the same page in terms of business development and the communication between us three(JAck < Louisa and me( is great. Started out our meeting with a beer, next to BOND STREET Tube station, then afterwards for some pints around the corner on James street, loads of lovely restaurants , bars, live musicians and nice crowd hanging out there.. After drinks and dinner, jack and Louisa invited me for an event at Ghost night club, which was organized by and their owner(TONY)l, nice friendly chap. We stayed there until 12 Midnight and then after wards off to MOVIDA for some more fun.. This weekend was great fun with great people.. The only one missing is my girlfriend (Cristina) who is in ibiza now for work.

Hope you all players had a great weekend too. Patrick!