Monday, May 24, 2010


Soon two month back since I came out of custody in London for something I didn't do. Its been a up hill battle everyday for me, but not for one second have I let myself down by giving up.

I have decided to share some of the information about my court case for you all. There are much more details to the story.. Which I will post very soon for you all.. Basically how I have been badly treated a as guest in Uk(london until today). Its about how the police and Government trying to set me up, by giving a unfair trial, by not comply with our requests and trying to hide evidence from the case.. Its also about how Sarah (my former girlfriend) is doing everything to protect herself from the Saudi officials and media, by doing that she don't care about telling the truth to police about how her Driver/bodyguard attacked me, blackmailed her for money that he would kill me if he didn't get money etc.. List is long and I will get them back in Court.. I'm not going to have them run away, lying like this putting and letting innocent people like me go through all this shit. Its not fair and not humane thing to do. So that's why I have decided to post information about my court case here and details about Sarah lifes too. I have requested my phone calls from the prison with sarah to prove that she is lying.

if you like to contact me about this, you can send me a email to:


PHONE CONVERSATION WITH SARAH DURING MY 6 MONTH IN WANDSWORTH PRISON. We spoke everyday, so i can't see why the prison only says they have 4 phone calls in total.. My solicitor said she will follow up on everything and check why phone calls are
missing and why some things has been inaudible...




Sarah's Asylum paper, which grants her anonymity in Unite Kingdom. In fact the United King kingdom give her a british passport because the diplomatic issues between Saudi arabia and united Kindgom for weaponry. The king of Saudi Arabia and officials there said if they give her permission to stay, they will not go ahead with their 42 Billion military arms deal.. Not only this, to be frank.. But sarah told me she is the daugther of Osama bin Laden, and has changed her last name. When she was raped 3 years ago in London by her then boyfriend, which she said.. Her brothers in London cut of his both feet.. she told me that as well and she admitted to the police about her rape. But frankly, I don't think this gy raped her. I think she made it all up , just like me and this poor bloke lost his limbs because of that. And because her family is so rich, they can get away with it.. I only now wonder what's going to happen to me... Feel lucky I was not killed that night I defended myself late September month 2009... Steve the driver who attacked me , told Sarah I tried to kill her that night. Trying to make up a story, but she of course didn't believe him. But she refused to tell that to police about his false allegations about me. His real name is Sarkis Tokatlian and he has 11 convictions in UK, everything from Arsin, Assault, drugs, been in prison etc.. list is long.. And during the time I was sitting inside Wandsworth prison, this guy got caught with class A - DRUGS.

Never once Did I tell the police about how much drugs Sarah took that night and the night before, only because I wanted to protect her and her daughter from being separated from each other. But I will definitely prove it in court!

Many people don't know the real story about Sarah but guessing, if somebody knows I do... Take this news magazine for example and their readers comments, all they do is make speculations.

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End of the day, I will write a movie about this experience.. I have already started the script for it...

Cheers everyone and have a great weekend ahead.