Saturday, November 29, 2008


Dear Players,
Hope you had a great weekend.
I have been a bit slow with upload new fresh content t the blog lately.. Its been so much work on my table lately, there is very little time to upload.. But I want uou all to know i still thinking about you all. Soon becoming a father will definitely give me less time for many things. bUt I will do my best to keep you all posted more frequent ;)
Early this week me and my girl friend Lynn, + 2 friends of mine attended IPN(INTERNATIONAL PARENTING NETWORK) in BAngkok for the first. It was organized by two new friends and lovely couple David & Celicia who has been married for many years and have 3 children together.. So we where invited for this monthly event to learn more about becoming a mother and a father and what go into it. It was definitely useful for me and Lynn who are new parents in the making.. Everyday is getting better and we both ;ooking forward to the little.. Its a strong little one... I can feel the way he kicks in Lynn's belly.. Here is a video from the event and Guru Bangkok. Filmed my camera man Desho Bernard @ Guru Bangkok(thailand.) Enjoy!!