Monday, March 31, 2008

Picture from two weeks ago. My male mdoel Alex D. Had just arrived to Bangkok two weeks before and sicne Ive been so busy lately. We didn't find any time to hangout. Finally we got a time to hangout. Took Alex otu for a bottle of wine with my girlfriend at a posh place in bangkok then we headed to BED Supper club where the most trendy hip people are going. After that I showed Alex was a after party in Bangkok is all about... Ha ha.. That's a secret of course If u aren't friends with us ;)
Just for the Record. Alex is a terrific guy and will do very well in the fashion business. Not only good looking, but also a lot of Charisma, intelligence and excellent personality... We willd efinitely see more of him in the future..
From far left: My male model Alex D. center: Jack and me far right..

This photo I found on my facebook udner friend Jeffrey Booze who is a photographer. This photos is from year 2005 in Mykonos(Greece). One of my best unforgettable summers for sure.. Jeffrey and me played around with photos all over mykonos. Shooting morning til dawn. U can see more of his work at