Monday, January 28, 2008


Dear Player,

I forgot to mention some good and bad news... Just like the life is for Mr Patrick Ribbsaeter aka UNIVERSAL PLAYER.

The bad news are , my new phone that I just got recent, broke this weekend"saturday morning".. Yesterday I had send it for repair, turns out it doesn't work to fix. Tomorrow I will make my last try a "MBK SHOPPING CENTER" central Bangkok. Hmmmmmmm, lets hope it works ?

How long now since I got the phone, less then two weeks. It a new record ! ha ha... Like that problem wasn't enough.. Yes, Im jinxed with electronics... My Macbook broke down as well.. Lucky I have a brand new spare one that I could use. The Macbook that broke down had to go for repair yesterday as well.. Tomorrow I wil get it in the afternoon. Pfff !

I'm lucky, it just going to cost me around 10.000 Baht to fix it. Which is around 250 USD.
But then we aslo have the repair fee for my phonea swell. pffff !!

Life isn't easy,when u work hard and play harder ;)

I do though have two excellent news to tell you all...

1. Is from a meeting last week with another modeling agency in Bangkok (Thailand).. I will tell you all later in the next posting...

2 good news is.. Today I received my first sample for my UNIVERSAL PLAYER SLIPPERS. Yeahhhhh...
This is just the first sample of many that will come in the future...

All I got to say now, is WATCH OUT Havaianas.