Monday, September 17, 2007


A Swedish Male model has been arrested by police in Bangkok / Thailand.. And will be deported the next coming days. Negotiations are in process between Thai & Swedish authorities.

The man is in his mid 20’s and was working as fashion model in different countries around Asia.

He was caught with the, so-called party drug“"Yaba" or as they say in America ”crazy medicine".

Personally I don’t know this person, because I don’t really associate that much with these kind of models. But I do have my suspicions who it could be ????
I’m quite sure there will be a lot of talk these coming days in the model circles around Bangkok community about this swedish male model..
As a swedish person, I’m very embarrassed about the way this model have acted..
In the same time, I’m not.. It’s his fault for being caught and using illegal substances in Bangkok (Thailand)...

But hey, we can't blame him for being stupid... He has a exucse fo being A MODEL right, hahaah...