Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dear Players,

Hope you all had a great weekend somewhere / somehow ;)
Today I confirmed one of my models “Mr Colin” for work in Korea 2 month. Colin is currently in Hamburg(Germany) for 2 month but leaving back to Uk on the 3-4 th august and then off to Korea 6-7 Th of August.
Its been a long negotiation between me and agency “Itsmodels Korea” to bring “Colin” over for work..
Colin is a very good male model, who works well... And I wont just let go off my models for any contract deals. Only the best is good for my models ;)

I want to wish Colin good luck in Korea, and looking forward to present him even further after Korea for more success.

Have attached some photos of ‘Colin” to this posting for you 'PLAYERS' viewing. Women hold on to your panties and guys (welll)....
If theres any) Agency, Photographer,Client) who would like to book my model‘Colin” for any model assignment, you can do it directly through me...

That’s my updates for now.



Some Photos of Colin....

Here is a Questin & answer from me to 'Colin' the man himself !
Hi Colin !

Glad to have you on board working with me..

1.How does it feel to be promoted by the 'UNIVERSAL PLAYER' for modeling assignments?

Colin: It is a great privilege to be promoted by the universal player himself. He can walk the walk, talk the talk and move like nobody you ever seen before. He is the Cosmos player!! :)

2. How long have you've been a model ?

Colin: I started modeling when I was 24 years old but spent many years before working in computer engineering . My lifestyle now is complete contrast and modeling has opened my eyes to new cultures and experiences which will stay with me a life time.

3. What are your expectations of Korea market ?

Colin: I haven't been to Asia in over 2 years and Korea is one of the last markets in Asia that I haven't worked in. Im moving back to Australia in October to peruse my other ambitions for a while so I think I will go out with a BANG!!

4. You are working on music as well outside the modeling business, how is that ?

Colin: Yes, I have always had a passion for music. I studied violin since I was 8 years old so I understand music theory. I have now moved into producing electronic music and I hope that day I will be in Ibiza hearing my tunes cranking out of the speakers with smiles on everyone's faces.

5. Where does your inspiration come from while producing music ?

Colin: The first track I created " Soulful Sensations" was inspired my Robert Miles "Children" produced in the mid 90's. The piano melody over the uplifting trance baseline give you a sense of happiness and euphoria. I will be moving into more progressive house as I release my upcoming tracks.

6. Any suggestion you can share for aspiring models starting out ?

Colin: Finish school,embrace new cultures, enjoy every moment, and have no regrets!!


For more of "Colin" Music. Please visit his myspace page on this link COLIN MYSPACE PAGE