Thursday, May 10, 2007


Dear Players,

Hope all is well.

I'm quite busy at this moment with many things here in Korea and some other International matters.

Will try find some free time to write a longer post about my stay in here in Korea very soon.

Tomorrow(Friday). There is a female model having a birthday party at her place. Will meet my friend marc as well, I havent seen since Nicolas Birthday party. His shirt always comes off after a few drinks, so ladies and all metro men keep your eyes open for my next post ;)
There will be a lot of fun videos and photos coming up for sure. Will try to make some interviews as well. If I can get my damn NOkia phone to work properly.

Time is now 21.40 and I'm off to the Gym. It closes at 11 PM and don't want to miss a day or minute of it.

I also want to thank all the people who has left their comment and been supporting me for sometime now. I want you all to know it really means a lot to me. Knowing you guys watching and reading my blog, its one of the reason to that keeps me wanting to improve my blogs. And if anyone of you have suggestions on how to make it even more better then it is. I'll be glad to hear them ;)

Cheers and stay cool.


Casting for jeans company..

Some photos from the car on Korean buildings.

In casting. Meet up with some other male models from brazil.

Me with Nicolas from Argentina. Know him for somw time. Great guy and fun to party with. He actually just had his birthday two weeks ago. But since my camera was fucked, I couldn't post any photos from his birthday.

Models waiting to see the client. Its for a print ad shoot.

Casting director for underwear shoot I attended.

I invested some "Whey Protein GOld". To put extra speed on the muscles mass ;)

At the gym I bumped in to three other models "Diego" and two female models.

Personal trainer and Team manager "TOM". Very cool guy..

I almost got my ass kicked in arm wrestling from this Korean lady. ooohhhhh...

Tomorrow I will make workout video. Paula offered me help. GOD BLESS HELPFUL PEOPLE !