Saturday, May 19, 2007


Dear Players,

Here is a video and photos from my Editorial shoot yesterday(friday) for magazine “Noblige” magazine. A High-End magazine in Korea and you can only get it by bying a membership.. All I can say is the shoot went perfect. Everybody was so kind and cool to work with, just how I like it.
Today Saturday and tomorrow Sunday I was suppose to work for a catalogue”Look Book” for a department store.
Got up at 07.00 Am.
Once we had arrived at the location, the client told my manager I had to shave my beard.
The thing is, I’m the last person or model who complains about things. But once I do. There is something wrong. I refused to remove my beard I told the client, but I can trimm it. The client called my agency director and tried to make problems etc. I told my agency this wasn’t discussed with me before the shooting date. An "GOOD" agency should always inform the model what’s going to happen on shooting date, for example (if I need to bring a shirt, shoes belt etc.) whatever. The agency and client should have already informed about things like these the day before. Not on the same day as we are going to shoot. Haha How fucked up is that/ unprofessional.
Since I’m here in a guarantee contract for with my agency, it means they have given me a good contract for taking me on 2 month. And of course they want me to work as much as I do. Because If I don’t or If I can achieve more then what was guaranteed in my contract with them, the agency must pay me what was written in the contract before my arrival. That’s a guarantee contract. A settlement of a amount I will get if I work or not.
But that doesn’t mean, I’m here to work as a slave because I need to exceed more money then stated in out contract. FUCK THAT ! Wouldn’t you like to know, what’s going to happen at the shooting date, so you can consider doing it or not ? Not just come to the location and the client say, “HEY,WE ARE GOING TO PUT 3 FINGERS IN YOUR ASS TODAY, NICE HUH !” ha ha ha. That’s freaking nuts..I’ve been modeling and traveled the world for long time and know my rights and how the business works. Can’t play me brother !
I told the agency next week, I might need have a direct booking for work 1-2 days in Singapore for Levi’s Ad. And I can’t shave for this small job I’m doing here in Korea, first I’m under paid for this job as well, second they want me to shave. Fuck that again !
Other places sin the world, if clients want to CUT or change a models appearance, its going to cost them. For me it doesn’t matter if this is Korea or another place. Business is business end of the day. You fuck with my hair or my blog. Its going to cost you. So better don’t ;) If you can’t back it up....
So I have decided to talk with my agency on monday about this. If they can’t push me in a better way. I must consider if I will continue working with them anymore. That’s business. I’m not here to fuck around, I’m here to run the business. Not the opposite..
Like I’ve told you players before. If they (the agency) don’t know their business and a Client / Brand doesn’t consider to pay the amount to get you for their shoot. Fuck them. Their shoot ain't worth It. Only work with the people who knows your potentials end of the day. We don’t need cheap brands or fucker like this client I meet today. Stay strong and never give in. But sometimes be smart as well, when to give in to be able fight another day.

Hope you had a great weekend. I sure did..



This photo is from the department store I didn't do today. Check out the RACK of clothes. ha ha ha...
Tell yourself after seeing all these clothes and on top of that.Put 3 fingers in your ass. How much would you do it for ? And end of the day is not the money I'm talking about. Its the respect, that I also have a life with other jobs outside their shitty catalogue waiting in the pipeline. End of the day, I don't mind work. I love it ! But please have some respect..


Just being silly with the photographer ,heee.. How they pose in Korea style ;)