Thursday, March 29, 2007


Dear Players,

Today thursday morning I got to bed around 11.00 Am in the morning.. Where sitting up all the night and morning working on some models E-cards I needed to present to some countries in Asia and some other business proposals. One fo the projects are to team up with a model network online
Things seems to be working out well. Just some last polishing in the contract agreement.
I also did a ‘Thank you’ gift for female model ildiko who was so nice to surprise me with my Birthday cake etc. ildiko left this afternoon to a friends Birthday party in Paris. She is coming back on next monday. So I did a video about her crazy moments here in istanbul that she could always bring with her to remember our good times. Anyway, once she is back we have my birthday party to celebrate.
Ohhhhh. thought I was going to have a brake from the party ;)
Guess not ! heee....
Don’t worry about me 'Players' I do attend the gym here...
Sorry if I haven’t been able to post any workout videos yet. Haley’s been busy with his girlfriend and don’t I want to bother him about filming me. And I definitely don’t want to bother the staff at the gym about filming me either. Well see if I can do it alone one day soon.
Today I had two castings for two different Tv-commercials. One is for a Bank and the other is for Ice cream. Well see how that goes ?
I’m not going to be dragging a long post today. its late night and I need my rest for tomorrow friday. Haven’t got much sleep lately and need to catch up. If I want to continue looking good ;)
I’ve always sad. Do what you like and eat what makes you happy, But with the right amount of intake of the things you do and eat. Party live, your life to the fullest... Life is short, so be smart ;)
Singing out for today,

Insight of the day.

Success & Failure is all around us. We all know that ??

The question is: "What determines
which way you go?"

YOU ultimately choose your destiny.

How? By the thoughts you think and
the knowledge and information you
have to work with and finally by
the ACTIONS you take.

And where do those come from?

Lot's of places. Your family, friends,
church, school, etc.

But when it comes to success in terms
business and money, most of the
traditional sources are of little value.

Most of your family, friends, church
members, and school teachers don't
have the experience to teach the
principles that are associated with
monetary success.

If you want that, you need to spend
time with people who have and are
successful from a financial point of

Most of us, at least when we are getting
started, don't have access to those
kinds of people.

The ones who can
give you first hand, real knowledge
and wisdom you can use to create
your own success.

and learn from those who've done it.

Thats my suggestion to you..

Photos from today..

Casting studio

Bumped in to this male model from Germany. He might be coming out with us this weekend.

Ordering myself some Turkish quickfood"Kebap"..