Thursday, March 08, 2007

Here are photos from last week and this week. also its a post a wrote last week. But where only able until now. To attach it.

Dear Players,

Damn I’m so stupid. I had prepared videos from this week castings etc. But I happen to delete it from my computer today in the morning. Shiiitttt....
Anyway, back to my life.
Its now Friday morning 09.00 am and its my first job in Istanbul(Turkey). The job is for a turkish shirt brand.
Im very excited to see how the turkish people are working the fashion business. The photographers seemed very nice when I met him at the last casting. His name ”Jamal”.
Other models have told me that, this photographer if he likes a model. The model will be booked for so many jobs.Great ! So today I will put on a extra show...
The last week. I haven’t updated the blog as much as I want to. Been very busy with work. Waking up every morning 07.00 am and getting ready for castings and Go-sees. We can spend a hole day in the Car/Van going around Istanbul for castings.
Also, I have some news for all you PLAYERS.
I have met a woman here in Istanbul (Turkey). Her name is Luciana Francoli from Brazil 27 years old. She’s been based in Milan (Italy) for the past 5 years with her dog.
Luciana is working as model / Tv Host in Milan( Italy). She is a very interesting person with many good qualities ;)
Me and Luciana started out dating a bit since 3 days back. Its not serous. She also just came out of a relationship.. I didn’t think I was her type at all. Because she has that very mature sexy,older woman look.. Guess I was wrong about that ;)
It feels great meeting someone like Luciana, I don’t know how serious this is between us. Its both are just enjoying each other for now. We are so different in many ways. Maybe thats a good thing.
But so far so good, I would say. Since we both are in the same business, she has a deeper understanding for me and my work. Which of course helps a lot today in my pursue for success in the fashion Industry. Luciana is leaving for Barcelona(Spain) on monday for two days. Then she’ll be back to Istanbul(Turkey) to see me again. She had planned to stay in Turkey for a month then back to Milan for some work. Afterwards she wanted to come traveling with me. Maybe I follow her to Milan for a few day’s. So now I’m setting her up with different agencies around the globe. She has never worked in Asia before. So that is one of the stops, for sure.. I’m trying to arrange photographers to shoot us both here in turkey now. We are not taking this relationship to fast though. It’s still so fresh everything and we don’t want to make any drastic actions.
We are just enjoying each other for now and taking things step by step... The other female models thinks and keeps telling we look great together and they all happy that I’m moving on with my life. At least trying to...
Who knows what gonna happen from here ?
My plans are still to move ahead with my life and don’t get stuck. I still have my plans to launch >ribbsaetermodels India. I guess I’ve learned how to bend the rules the past 1 year. And that is the rule of time. Everything has it time and place. And my time and turn hasn’t been yet, but soon it will come..

Gotta go back to my job now.. Hair stylist and photographer assistant is sitting just behind me. So I should be more social. If not they might,find me as a snobbish model. And thats not good for the business.But in the same time. Most of the people in turkey don’t speak english, so its a problem with the communicating time to time.

This weekend 2-3 girls are leaving back home to their countries. So tonight there will be big PARTY PARTY !
Haven’t decided what club yet ? But I’m sure there will be a few of them. The other female models I’m living with, knows turkey very well. They have been here so many times and have a lot of friends around Istanbul. That is one of the elements I love about the modeling. Doesn’t matter what country you in. If you are with models. You always get around well ;)

Universal Player

Ok so now its 22.43 Pm friday evening. Just finished my shoot 2 hours ago. Super tired from today work. But very happy about the outcome of today. The pictures from today are super nice. I couldn’t be more happier. The photographer loved working with me and now I’m his favorite model. So he will book me for many many more jobs during my stay in Istanbul. His name is “Cemil” he is also movie director here. Has won a lot of prizes around the world for his photography and movies etc.
Just had my late dinner by myself. All the girls including “ Luciana” from the modeling agency left for dinner in some posh restaurant. I’m having myself some vodka and trying to finish some work I’m late with. Have agencies worldwide” Korea” Germany” and some other countries screaming for me to come over ;) Thats nice. When people wants your ass ha ha ha
Anyway, this week will be better posting. Sorry for not uploading my work this week.
That’s life sometimes ;)


Photos of Luciana.


My first job in Turkey with Turkeys top photographer "Cemil".

Cleint and his wife. Very nice couple and great designers.


Time for Party !

With the club owner of "Discoreum".


The week castings. Play video here..

Time for party again !

Going to restaurant" Marca " to met ildiko and the owner John.

In the taxi with Vicky from Hungary.


From left: ildiko, me, john(The owner) and Vicky.

Tolga, ildiko and me. Tolga is a agent for top soccer plaers around europe.

Party finished


Studio sign

From the left: Amanda, Luciana, Marta. All three girls are from Brazil. Amanda is dating a famous turkish singer. Marta is dating a half tukrish guy who is a business man. Marta and her boyfriend is getting married in 3 months. We wish them best of luck.

Luciana and me.

Julia from russia and me.

Luminita from Romania and me



Time for party again ;)

Warm up party at restaurant" Marca ".

In the cab to Marca.

From left: Luminita, Vicky and ildiko.

Tolga and me

The ownerof Marca John with female model Kristina from Romania.

Eren from Turkey. He is a Yacht seller. We are invited to his yacht next week.


Today is Thursday 9.3. 2007 (Womens day) The girsl are going are invited out by Madonnas manager to see a rock concert with the band"INCUBUS". I'm sure they are going to have a hell of a good night. Vip's and champange. I'm to tired to join. Had to much drinks uesterday. And tomorrow I'm starting my new gym.

I snag myself a photos of the girls before they headed out. Dont they all look stunning with the UNIVERSAL PLAYER ;)

Sleep tight players.


Universal Player