Monday, March 05, 2007

Dear Players,

Been trying to upload photos and videos. But the internet here in the model apartment is very slow. So it takes time or it doesnt have the energy blogger to upload my photos. I guess my content is to much, hahaha.

Here is a video from this week party.

Everything is great with me now. Been having casting everyday until late evening. The wheater is getting better here in Turkey now. Its been quite cold since I got here. But now much better. The girls have been taking me out all over Istanbul. We have had so much fun. Especially female model Ildiko. She has this super energy and cant sit still. haha
A friend of mine just came to Turkey yesterday from MIlano (Italy). Hes name is Haley Dias, a old friend since many years back.
He's a good working model in Italy now.
I got a question the other day on my comment box, if I had dated some women here.
My answer to that. I live with 8 girls. So you figure it yourself ;) hahaha

I just got hooked up by my friend from Germany "Etienne fuchs" with 4 different agencies in Germany who are very interested to direct book me for big jobs.
Emailing them my material this week, and let's wait for some good respond. I also have a agency in Hongkong, South Korea and Italy very interested to have me over for stay. But as for now. My plan is to stay here in Turkey a bit longer, scout more models and do some good jobs. There are a lot of good female models here. Maybe 200 girls. Male models hardly any. So its good for me ;)
Just finished a job last saturday wih one of Turkeys top photographers. The pictures are awsome. Looks like Donatella Versace is behind the shoot. Cant wait to get those photos and show you players.
Today I've been doing some grocerie shopping and just chilling out in the house with the girls and Haley.