Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Dear Players,

How was your weekend ?

My weekend was great. Did a bit of party last week except saturday. I started this week(Monday) with presenting some models to Agencies around Asia. Will wait for their reply. Had only one casting today for a Tvc-commercial. The role is to play like a father, Ha ha ha. Do I look like a father ? I don’t know maybe the casting directors are blind ?? Anyway, its always nice to have challenges in life. Thats what will makes us grow as a person.
Always push yourself and try how far you can go. Great way to learn more about your own skills and potentials. I always push myself forward to try new interesting things. Its always worth it, whether it works out for you or not.
Been doing some reading as well today. About building and how to optimizing my internet business. There are so many things to learn. But I’m really enjoying every second of it, because now I have the time for it since its not to much work.
Luciana and Vicky are leaving thursday. Today there are two new male models coming to the model flat. Its funny the agency is bringing more models over at this moment, especially when its not enough casting or work. Well, who know. The markert might just pick up this week. Usually when models travel to a new country. It takes 1 week to 1 month before they start working really well. Its takes time getting to know photographers, stylists, clients and advertising agencies. I’ve been lucky since I started my modeling, I usually start doing my work the first week on my arrival. If you are a model planning to travel to a new market, try to send your portfolio and info at least 1 month before. So the agency in coming country can start promoting you early. But of course if you have a mother agency, they will handle this for you. But its always good to know and trust yourself so things are getting done the right way..
I’m planning to stay in Turkey until may, then after clean up the market in milan fashion week ;)
Should be interesting...
But of course its still two month until may, and anything can happen if you guys know me ;)
Anyway, gotta head off now. Got some healthy groceries shopping to do. Then after I’m off to the gym. Let’s get fit ;)



Tday I had a work with "Cemil" photographer. After waiting hours for the client to come I finally got to shot 2-3 pics before they decided to cancel the shoot because of wrinkles on the shirt. Cemil want's it perfect straight the shirt, or nothing at all. Today shoot was about product. Whic we call product shoot. It doesnt pay that much, But that's of course depends what brand and people you are working with.

Today I've been to te gym, 1 hour sessions. Taking it slow in the beginnig, then after 1 month. It will go harder for me and for you ;)

Anyway< I has some photos and videos to post. But it seems like the internet is down again.

Hope you had a great start for the weekend ?


Patrick aKa Universal player