Monday, February 05, 2007

Monday 05.02.2007

Dear Players,

Hope you had a great start for today (Monday)
So nice being back in town( Bangkok) and get things sorted out. Today I woke up at 12 noon. Still a bit bit lazy after 1 week relaxing on a Island. Checked my inbox this morning and had millions of emails from friends and other people ”My God”. Got a lot of work to do this week ahead. Need to finish my photo shoot for Calendar and Book as well. Still in negotiation with stylist about the shoot. The stylist is leaving for a job in Japan this week and wont be able to meet up. So that kind of makes my shoot a bit delayed.” I hate that” . Anyway, anything can change in the last minute. The layout for my Calendar and book is ready to go. I have the visual already how the shoot will be etc. Working on tomorrow to arrange FTV( FASHION TV) to cover the shoot. That’s a additional idea Avi came up with yesterday. Of course they should be there and cover a shoot like this ;)
Great news today. I got my new business cards and stickers for my modeling agency >ribbsaetermodels and my brand UNIVERSAL PLAYER sorted out today. You guys will love the STICKERS !
Have already placed two of them myself on the laptop”LOOK’S GREAT”. Now you can also be part of the UNIVERSAL PLAYERS community of Universal Players. Where players rule.
Additional to my Universal Player Cap is the ‘UNIVERSAL PLAYER’ sticker which is now also for sale and you can order it right here..
Just what any ‘UNIVERSAL PLAYER’ should have with him or her - at all times.
You will receive 4 very stylish, yet simple ‘UNIVERSAL PLAYER’ stickers for the price of 18 USD excluding shipping fee. Which is a small amount to show people what a 'UNIVERSAL PLAYER' you are ;)
I’m accepting payments through wire transfer either direct to my player bank or by Western Union. I’m setting up the Paypal that will be available very soon. Email me your orders.
Show the world what a ‘UNIVERSAL PLAYER’ you are. I definitely know what a ‘UNIVERSAL PLAYER’ you are by visiting my blog. Any UNIVERSAL PLAYER knows how to invest and I’m sure you do as well ;)
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Here's a tease for you ;)