Friday, February 02, 2007

Koh Samed Trip Jan 29 to Feb 04. 2007

Dear Players,

Hope you havent missed me to much :)
I sure have missed working and creating posts for my blog.
So now I'm back in Bangkok at my room. Had planned my vacation to be 2-3 days which turned out to be 6 nights and 7 seven days. Sorry for not have keept you guys updated. I just needed this time all by myself without any internet or phone calls.
Feels heavy coming back to the reality. But its something I gotta do if wanting to go somewhere in life. My holiday trip made me realize more. How hard working person I am while being in a big city or traveling the world of fashion. Which I really missed and love to do. It was a very nice trip away from the reality. I thought about the things some people had commented on my blog etc before. Me being so success driven and ambitious about what I do”Its amazing”. Not many people can do that for sure. And thats why people get intimidated by being next to me etc. 2 days before I came to The island (Koh Samed). Avi ”my wife” had gone there with another photographer and models to get some fresh air and do some test shoot for them self. It turned out during their two days on the island,much of the talk was about me and Avi braking up etc. I found out from Avi how much bullshit the the models are talking behind my back etc.(Its nothing new to me,I thought). I don’t blame them for not liking me. “After all.. I am more successful then they are and will always be”. Some of the stuff they where asking. Was how much I make as a model and why do I call myself a supermodel etc etc ? "JEALOUSY and ENVY" On top of that all the models or most of them. Have given me a name behind my back. Guess what ????
Yep, they named me ZOOLANDER ? Hahaha...
I’m sure they was hoping that it would piss me off. Haha.. Actually that was the best thing I ever heard a model say so far. These people talking like that are good examples of people who will only talk but not get anywhere in life. Sorry...
Anyway, back to my gorgeous trip in Koh samed. The week passed me by, kind of fast to be honest. While having fun and enjoying life at the island.. Time seemed to fly away faster then the lighting strike .
Have post some photos and videos for your viewing from my days at Koh samed. I hope you guys like it.
All I can say. I had a fabulous time. I ate delicious food, I drank delicious drink”Juices, Alcohol cocktails, Whiskey bottles,” and ate more fabulous breakfast and dinner's. And on top of that... More sex then usual"kind of" ;) I don’t know what you call that ? But I call it a perfect holiday ;)


Dear Players,

I’m now sitting by the terrace on my bungalow in Koh Samet Island and sipping some drinks. Staying at the beautiful and newly renovated VongDuearn Villa, located on the east side of Koh samet.
Yesterday (Monday) the bus trip to Koh Samet was exhausting. This was the first time I tried the bus, I usually rent a car with driver to escort me there, Which would cost me about 1500 baht. In my perspective. That’s a cheap price for having your own privacy. I’m a person for privacy when it comes many things things in life. Especially with friends and family. I like to live life exclusive.
The bus ticket cost me around 300 baht with return. What a bargain !
I took me almost 5 hours though reaching the Pier to Koh Samet. The actual travel time for the trip should be 2 1/2 Hour. That is what the travel agencies are saying. But Bangkok traffic is one of the worst in the world, as we all know by now.
So finally arriving on the pier. I looked for a speedboat that would take me to the island.
The pier looked different from my last travels to Koh Samet. My last travel to Koh samet was 3 years ago. So things might have changed a bit since then. But still... I knew it was something wrong.
Spoke to people working on the pier about the place where I was going to stay in. It seemed like they didn’t understand me. The place I was asking about was( Talebure Bed & Bar). It turn out the owner and friend of mine P Oh of (Talebure Bed & Bar), Had sold the property to a another person. ahhh..
It turned out the speedboats had stopped running for the day. And I didn’t want to take
the public ferry. As I said earlier, I prefer being exclusive with things... So I asked a motorbike taxi for a another pier with speedboats.
The motor-bike taxi was kind helping out to find a travel agency with a speedboat. I already knew where to take the speedboat, but since its a language barrier between us(the taxi guy and me). The guy didn’t understand a word of me talking. It kind of pissed me off. As I wanted everything to run smooth, after a 5 hours bus ride.. So about 20 minutes later asking people about boats etc, the moto-taxi driver dropped me of at the second pier. It was late afternoon by then, and the sun had set in.. I manage to get myself a private speedboat for 800;- baht one way..Which is reasonable....
Talking to the owner of the speedboat company (White shark). I told her about what resort I’m going to (Talebure Bed & Bar). I didn’t know the beach name exactly, since it was long time ago i visited this island..
So I jumped in the boat excited about this trip.. As always when traveling...
When reaching the island (Koh Samed). We couldn’t find where the place where I was going to stay. Because the boat driver didn’t know where I was going since the resort had change name( At least he pretended like he didn’t know the place). He had gotten the information from his female boss I was going to (Ao pao). Its the beach beach before the one I where going to. “Dumb ass”. So he said If I wanted to go further I had to pay 200 baht more. And what do you think I’m going to say (sitting in a boat middle of the ocean) and want to reach dry land. ‘FUCK YOU’ noooo... I’m not going to pay ??...I didn’t say that !!!!!! So I called the owner of the company (White shark). And this women seemed so kind when I first met here at the reception by the pier. She presented herself like that ’KIND of person” yeah right. I would rather say “bitch”.
She said I need to pay the 200 baht, to reach the beach where my resort was located in.(End of the day,people true heart always comes out) So I told the boat guy ”here’s your 200 hundred baht dude* With a smile*, buy yourself and your wife something nice asshole”. Yeah, we can call it business or whatever for them and him. But end of the day. There is something called values... They sold their soul for 200;- little baht. How cheap is that. If it was me, I would just had taken ‘YOU; to the damn spot.(Especially when its around the corner & wheres the friendly hospitality) if I may ask ????. And that what separates winners like”me” from losers like “him & them” and other loser models Ive icome cross in the fashion industry.( I can do job’s for free) because I love what I do.... The owner,he and other loser models ‘can’t’... Because they don’t love what they do “ENOUGH”. And always want paid for moving their asses,,, As long as you don’t love what you do and want money for anything people ask you to for=.. You will have difficulties becoming rich and successful. Take (Warren buffet) for example. For you people who doesn’t know who Warren Buffet is. MAN, better do your homework then ;)
Warren buffet is the second richest man in the world. And that’s is because he really loves what he does. He bought his first apartment at the age of 15. He then after build his empire by investing money in to different companies. And today he is the second richest man in the world after “Bill Gates”. And he still lives like a normal person. And still invest money from his heart.
Thats what I call “LOVE & DEDICATION ” for what you believe in..
“Just like me”. Things are much more easier when you love what you do. And it starts with your own belief & confidence first...
While approaching some very successful people in the fashion industry about my calendar and book. All of them so far.. While giving them my proposal for the book and calendar,the rate and future possibilities. These people didn’t have the brain capacity enough to realize. When you do business etc. or whatever you do. Do it with your heart otherwise you and me will go no where.
So end of the day. These people that I had approached and believe in, turns out to be failures in my eyes. If you are rich and famous as people say you are and the way you express yourself. Wouldn’t you be able to afford being payed a little less money than usual for you work and time, for such a great project like mine ??? When I’m saying this.. I mean. There is more then money to “make” by participating in to my projects. But end of the day, these people who turned down my business proposal will be bankrupt very soon. If they aren’t already ;)
Becoming successful is a difficult task. No everyone can do that. And many people think you need money to invest and accomplish things. Nooooo. Thats wrong. First start to invest yourself as a person for other people’s benefit. Then you are able as person to do that. You will be remembered and will eventually get the help you need to reach the success you always wanted.
Hmmmm.. I guess some people aren’t that business minded as me.
In life.. Don’t think money first.. Think experience and future possibilities. You always need to invest no matter what. And that means not just money. It means yourself as a person,for the best result..
Did you understand what I said ?
or is my English bad ;)

Back to the trip.......
So after 5 hours bus ride and 1 hour of hustle to get a speedboat. The speed boat drop me off at the resort while robbing me on 200 baht. As I sad, its about ‘values’ not currency. I checked in to the resort and my fabulous room for this trip. i was very accommodated about the hospitality shown upon my arrival. Took myself a shower and got ready for the night to come.After the fresh up. I headed to the dinner area next by the water for my midnight snack. Got myself some nice bottle of white wine to start of this beautiful night. For a starter I ordered a shrimp cocktail (Delicious, I must say). And for main course a “Pasta Carbonara”. Niceeeeeee.....
While dining.. I read my book ”ZAG” about branding etc. And that made me think of Avi (my wife). Because we always talked about business ventures and possibilities when we were together. She was actually present on the same island as me. The day after our break up she had gone to this island (Koh Samed) with the french photographer( Francois) and some models to catch some air and make some test shoots.
So I knew in my back head she was here,and the possibilities/chances for me to bump in to her was huge. But hey. I was here for holiday / business . Not for her. But after thinking and coming back to her again. My travel to this island might just have been for her. After digesting everything.. I’m really happy to see her again. And have understood. Everything happens for a reason. And its always for the better.
So after I had finished my dinner at my resort. I went for a walk on the beach and bumped i to a”FAN” of mine. Who recognized and loved my work. They where sitting a group of thai people next to the beach eating and chit-chatting together. I actually stumble across these very nice unique people, while asking them about directions for good party places to go on the island. There was no taxi around at that time (11.00 Pm) so they where kind enough to call a friend to pick me up. It turned out the female owner of the bar and her friends wanted to join me. So we all took of for the party. When reaching the party. I happen to see Avi Siwa (my so-called wife) sitting in the internet next door o the bar where I was sitting and drinking whiskey. I could see that she didn’t feel that well while watching her across the street. And I was sure it was about our break-up from the other week.
I saw her with another man next to her. I was surprised to see that. But in the same time I didn’t care.*Just a bit*..
10 minutes after while she was about to leave the internet I shouted at her” Hey avi”. She looked at me and smiled through the window. I was a bit pissed of because of our bad past experience together. Anyway. i continued my party in the club until 02.30 am, and then after we all changed to another club 5 minutes away.
From there on I cant really remember more. Got to drunk,hee.
I just know that. This morning waking up.. Avi (my wife) were in my arms... Our love had brought us together once again or was it just lust ???
Player regards,


My first day and night was perfect. I ate drank and meet some very nice people. Including my wife late night ;)

Pictures of my bungalow. Very cousy bungalow right next to the water. At night the seabreeze was really relaxing.


Avi enjoying the beach

Me Posing...

P.S. I guess hard work does pay off in the end ;)

So know you now what I've been up to for this week.
Hope you had a great week as well. and a better for the next coming one.