Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Today I had a great meting with a French photographer( Francois Matthys) www.francoismatthys.com He seems to be a very passionate person and photographer with many fantastic idea's. Also most importantly, he dont care for money.. Just the right kind of people I want to work and associate with. I belive things comes natural when you do what you love.
Our conversation was about few interesting projects,that we hopefully can finish end of January this month or latest by february.
Its a quite big production and interesting theme/concept. So it will be alot of planning ahead this week. Yeahhhaaa ;)
Tomorrow we are meting up again by the pool,to do some test shots. Looking forward to that as well.
Spoke to other french photographer'Ludovic Cazeba' today for my calender 2008.
He wont be the one shooting it, because we couldnt work out a deal that fitted both parties.
On top of that, HE DONT WANT PR ? He told me that himself.

Lesson number one Guys:
To become 'succesful in your work' you need Public relation and to grow your network. No matter what.
If its only you who knows your business.And If other people dont know about it. How do you intend to grow your business and sell ????
Ask Donald Trump, hes the god of Pr. And look where he is today ;)

This is a book I bought during the Christmas holiday. Read the page and apply it for your own success.

That's a fact.

I have already contacted my friend and super ace photographer( P Yai).
You have seen his photo before from my PETA AD CAMPAIGN. Just emailed him my proposal for the calender.
I really hope he wants to do the shoot ????
Now will wait for his a answer.