Monday, January 01, 2007

alright then,so now we here....
Hope you had a Faboulous ending of 2006, and a great beginning of 2007.
My new year's eve party wasn't really that spectacular. Watched the final episode of 'The Apprentice' on tv, before heading out to meet some of my Thai-friends around 11.30 pm at Silom area(Central Bangkok). for a short while. Didnt wanted to stay out in public area that night as there was couple of Bombs going off in Central bangkok.
It glads me to see the Biritsh guy 'Sean' become Donald Trumps new Apprentice.
That guy is such a funny character with the glimt in the eye, and you can really see his passion for work.
It really inspires me, to see these kind of interesting people. Who are so ambitious about their work, friends and life in general. That it will eventually take them to the top in all aspects.
Im sure he will do well for the Donald ;)
That's one of the reasons I dont like to party anymore,even on New Year's eve.
While rest of the world is celebrating their night away. I prefer to sharpen my business plan and strategy for 2007.
2007 will be a hectic schedule for me. There will be alot of different interesting projects to look out for.
Well I guess by now you know my work,after reading my model/fashion blog.. But what you didn't know,I would guess ?
Is that Im working as a model scout for many different International Models from all over the world.
As a 'Modelscout' I present International models to different markets and modeling agencies around the world.
Its a hard job,because as a scout you are corresponding with so many people at the same time from all over the world. And its alot of things to remember. But I love it ;)
Currently I have some models on standby for work in Japan, Singapore, Philippines and China.
Japan use to be a very good money market for International models before, but sadly it has changed. Models who travel to Japan for work. Recives guarantee contract of a certain amout of money,compare to other countries. Depending on how professional they are as a model and how good their portfolio is. Many model contract's are between 10-30 thousand usd for 2-3 months stay in Japan. If the model can't secure more then 1-2 jobs the first week. The Japan modeling agency has the right to send the model home. After all the model expenses has been deducted fom the amount that is stated in the contract. The model will receive the rest of the money. If the model do really well and makes more money then whats stated in the contract, that's a great bonus. Along with some great tearsheets for their portfolio.
China market is huge for fashion. There are tons of work to do in China as a model. Its a great place to start your modeling career before taking on the bigger markets like New York,Paris and Milan.
Most of the work in 'China' is happening in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai. But there are also good places like Wenzhou, Hangzhou and Beijing.
Chinese work consists more of catalogue shoots and more catalogue shoots ;)
Why I think China is good place to start your career as model. First the competition is not big as other countries around the world.
Secondly you get to work alot, and that gives you the chance to practice your poses and get more comfortable in front of the camera. No one is born as a star. Stars are made. Don't forget that.
There are sometimes difficulties to communicate with Chinese clients during the shoot. But if you show good attitude and great work ethic, you will soon see that everything works out well. This goes for the hole world !
I have myself been to China many times for work. And can honestly say, it has taught me alot and taken me to where I am today and to what I will become ;)
Philippine market is still very new to the fashion in some ways. Though its been around for sometime now. Work consists mostley of Tv-commercial and Print Ads along with Campaigns for different clothing brands.
I had a great time working in the Philippines,not only did I work alot. But I got to see the beautiful Island of 'Boracay'.
Peopl are warm and friendly there.
Singapore is a smaller market with many models fighting for the jobs. Its easy for some models to get stuck there as the competition is higher. The market consists of Editorial/Magazine shoots and many Print Ads. Sometime they also have tv- commercials. Singapore is good to build your portfolio with tearsheets, as their magazines are in english and quality is good.
For me,the key to become a successful scout or agency is to know all these information. I see there are many agencies in the world today. They groom new models and send them to markets where the models might not work at all. And its not fair to the model. Just because the modeling agencies want to make a quick buck.
My objective as a scout/agency is to present the model for his or her's best interest" NOT MINE".
These models I represent for different markets worldwide, has the opportunity as well to work for me and my modeling agency in India >ribbsaetermodels (if they do well).
I only want to work with ambitious people who has great work ethic. And if they dont have it ? I'll make them want it..... WHO DOESNT wants it ?

Now I'm by the POOL at the hotel in Bangkok, chilling out and doing some work. "ITS TOUGH BEING A MODEL, BUT SOMEONE'S GOTTA DO IT".
Today I have been contacting some agencies in Dubai and other countries for future collaboration. As well followed up with emails for model requests.
Still waiting for a model to email me, his measurements. The most difficult thing to work with models, its that you always need to do follow up's. Model are very irresponsible and they seems to forget very quickly. But this goes only for the non-professional of course.

Hope you got some valuable information for your own success :)