Friday, January 26, 2007


What is happening to this blog ;)
It has suddenly become a place where dumb people seek attention.
I don’t blame them for coming here.
After all, it is very inspirational blog. And I’m sure all of them would like to be in my shoes right now. Hmm maybe not right NOW.hee.. I tell you "WHY" :)
Its dumb to be pretending being some else like ”Victoria” just to piss “Benz” off. That’s so childish. It can only be interpreted as a loser. I don’t see Donald Trump leaving dumb comments on my blog.


Anyway, back to reality...
Been working all day on my projects again by the pool side. I also had a meeting with female stylist ”P Luknat ” and photographer “ Kun Dear ” about my projects. I also checked the studio I might be shooting in for my calendar and book this month.
Parts of the studio.. Today I call it "Mindset". instead of mind studio... Can you guess why ???????

Me with stylist "Luknat".

Talked about their daily rate etc and availabilities.. I found the price etc reasonable to work with. Well see...
Also I received an phone call and email from the publishing company in “UK” that might be doing my Book.
We talked about prices, marketing, how many pages for the book design etc etc.
It’s a hard work but someone’s gotta do it ;)
The Book is a inspirational book how to achieve success in the modeling business and other businesses.
In the book I will put down my 5-6 years of my experience from the fashion Industry. And that is a lot of experience ;)
Today another fight occur between my wife and me. Why can’t we just keep together as a normal couple. Hmmmmm.... Maybe because we are not normal.. I know that where not..
Man..... life is funny huh..
One day its up at the clouds and another is all shit... I’m really tired of that “SHIT” now. So I have decided to finally to brake up with Avi Siwa. This time it wont be any coming back with a tear in the eye and telling how much she loves me. We have tried far to many times now. I can honestly say. Doesn’t matter how much you love a person, you need to show it. And by not giving your partner freedom he or she needs. There can never be 100% love. I guess why, my ex’s-women got so damn jealous in the relationship with me is because I’m so open minded and kind.( A honest confession to make) I have been an asshole as well sometime.
But I have always shown my respect and done my best to make them happy 24/7. I guess when you “PAMPER” a person to much, after sometime the person don’t see all the beautiful things you’ve done and becomes blinded. It’s not hard giving every second of your life to somebody. Especially when you love that person more then anything in the world. But when you give all your time and thinking for the person you love.. And all you get back is jealousy and insecurity.
That’s “FUCKED UP”. There is something that goes like this” You give, and YOU shall receive”.
And is it “WRONG” being to nice to somebody you love?????????????
I never thought that. My belief has always been to support and give it "All",to your partner at all times.
It’s tough to row a boat alone with 5 people. But together we can....
Some people never fucking learn....

Here are some: Business / Life tips for the day.
Run your business as how you want your future to be.

P.S. From now on I’m doing my typing in “PAGES”. So I and others wont have any misspelling to complain about ;)
Lets all try to get better at who we are and what we do.

I just got this comments on my &

FROM: xoxo
Don't move your elbows too hard, relax. No movement in the elbows
dude!' haha, just kidding. Super workout Patrick, and nice toned
physique you've got there. Keep it up and keep workin' it ;) (Your
beautiful wife too :) By the way, nice workout tee, where you got that
stretchable singlet from? Seems so comfortable to be in it
Thanks for telling me. Will think of it next time ;)
I'm currently creating my won merchandise as well. Will let you know asap.. Once a singlet like mine is for sale ;)

FROM: Cristin . my exgirlfriend couple of years ago. HEY ! you still in my heart ;)

Hola mi amor!!! I am that beautifull woman that you meet in Barcelona
from the Canary Islands. We had a very short relattionship only 3 month
but so intense,the sex was the best, i love you so much. I hope that
one day life bring as toguether in the future. Love Cristina.

Happy to see people I love and miss a lot, on my blog ;)

Patrick ;)