Friday, December 15, 2006

Worlwide Campaign..... Casting for Shoe Wear

Casting at Chamnie Eye studio at Rama 9.

Me with old friend,Model Aaron from Canada.

Model talk with models Daniel and Sean.

Struting my stuff for the camera. Check out how i'm working the camera. A good tip if you want to achive more success as model. Practice and practice facial expressions and Body laungage at any time given. Visualize in your head,how the client would like his shoot to look like at the end.
This give me flashback about a model who I spoke with 2 years ago. He told me" I dont like working here in Thailand and Asia,the budgets are so low etc Bla bla bla".. I rather go back to New York and make one job a week,and make big money". Yes,he is so right. But he will be limited in what to give to the camera. Since lack of experience... Infact the money are greater in America. Depending on how you WORK IT !
I told him...I rather be here in Asia,doing jobs everyday'MAYBE' making a bit less. But what I learn is something you cant buy with money. That is'Experience". And this'Ex[perience' is to a great Value if you want to become a Topmodel and make those really BIG MONEY IN AMERICA. The key to success is not in thinking money. Think Experience first. My dad always use to tell me that. Patrick remember,always be in the best place where you get the best practice and then later the money will follow. I love my dad for telling me that.
Remember when working the modeling scene. Its important to know how to Act. This is really one of the most important key factors,mixed with good looks and great personality. Find your formula that works for you,and stay true to it. It cant go wrong ;)

Ps: I didnt get the Alcohol Print job for India with Studio Magenta Thailand.