Monday, December 11, 2006

Longweekend and 2 casting.

Today it was longweekend in Thailand.
Woke up around 11 am,superrr tired.... Been working hard latley with my modeling and my own business projects etc.
Its really Hot now in Thailand,and you just want to stay in the house avoiding the heat. Especially if you are not by the beach..
First casting was going down at Brainstorm studio. For the Standard Chartered Bank Hongkong. This is a typical Zoolander.

Interview with photographer Aun.

Model Biba from kazakstan.

Posing for the camera,showing who's the man for the job ;) When posing in Asia,the clients want's it very smiley and happy. Work here is more to the commercial side.

2 nd casting for magazine shoot around the 20 th december. Its for Yafriro Watches. Im not to familiar with the brand. When I was looking it up in I couldnt find anything about the brand. Because I like to read about the brands that im working or casting for. Its a great way to keep me informed about differnet business ventures. I must say though,the shop was beautiful and had very exclusive interior. So I guess the watches cost a few $$$$$$$$ But in the same time you cant jugde a book from its cover. But This shop you really can ;)