Saturday, December 09, 2006


Bringing model Nicola from Argentinas to Modemodels Thailand.
He is not happy with his current Agency. The are alot of new agencies in Bangkok(Thailand) since the past 3 years.
And many of these agencies are undercutting eachother to get the jobs. Modemodels is still the strongest one and wont settle for less. Wich has made them to the leading agency in Thailand.
Many agencies dont understand the work of modeling. its never good to undercut the market,to get jobs. That's one of the reason why so many agencies have opened and closed the past 4 years. They think by undercutting the market they will get all the jobs etc. But the fact is. The Agencies wont get any"Supermodels" with those rates. Its just like that. Models are working hard and wants to make alot of money.
That's why so many agencies fail to survive the business. They are to greedy to make money,so they forget about having good models.And its difficult to compete with other agencies when having bad models.
Models always want to work with the agency who has the best rates.
Remember that and stop undercutting.
I know my agency in India will do well,because it takes a real, working,intelligent model (like me) to know the business.
This my interview with Nicolas on the way to the Agency.