Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Call back for Hair commercial..

Today the production house"Moontime Studio" have decided to see all 10 male and female models once again.

We all met up outside bangkok, 20 min by car.
The Client will make decision 20 Th of December this month,which model gets the job.
But I will keep you posted on everything ;)
Also met a model friend that I got to know in the philippines. Nicolas from Argentina. Cool guy. Loves the work of modeling,but hes main goal is to be a famous actor one day. He has a very commercial look and,I think he can do well in Germany and China where the market is more commercil.. It still waits for Nicolas to discover.
I was also able to scout some new hot models as well,for my own modeling agency in India. So far everything is falling in place with time ;)
Me and Nicolas

Models putting on their Ice skates. Its not everyday you get to see this..

Me and model Brooke from the States.

Viva La brazil....

and Viva La Canada...

Also check out the my interview with model Justin from Canada.