Sunday, December 03, 2006

Cotto casting & Gym...

so today I went for a Casting in Ekkamai Soi 6 at Mucky muck production .
At the casting,there was only 2 guys ahead of me. But in Thailand,castings take ages. Thai people are really perfectionist when it comes to Tv commercials. Maybe thats why Thailand is known to have the best Directors in the world. Many worldwide Campaigns are shoot in Thailand. The production is as well cheaper here,then other countries around the globe.
Afterwards,it was oof to find my gym for next coming month ahead.. As I sad before. Need to keep the body tight.... ;)
The gym is newly opened and very close from where I live central Bangkok. Excellent workout machines,well organised with spa's and massage areas. The staff and service is great as well.. Nothing to complaign about,and If I had. I wouldnt have bought my member card there in the first place I got the memebr card for 1 month 3000 Baht witch equals in dollar about. 70-80 usd..
That makes me think of rude people always complaining on things,people and have bad excuses.. Don't go,or stay in a places you dont like.,so you will avoid the complainging... Rule number one to healthy positive living within yourself and for others.

Also,check out my interview with one of the lovley ladies backstage... I dont now if she understood my english ?
Plese visit. for more interviews.

Since the castings here are taking so much time,I always make sure to have my empowering book and laptop ready for my business ventures and idea's.

Chilling out with one of the Casting directors.

My outfit for the Tvc...

At True fitness.....

Later that evening i finished off the day,wih some healthy green..