Monday, December 04, 2006

Casting for Whiskey brand India.
Looking all fab in the cab. RIGHT ?

Magenta Studio at Wireless Road central area Bangkok. About 10-15 models during the time I was there. Clients in thailand keep telling that. There are many models around,but the quality of models arent high.. During the past 3 years 12 new modeling agencies have opened up. Some failed to keep up in the hard competition,and some still struggling to keep the head over the water. There is only one agency who have been strong since the past 10 years soon. And its actually the agency im working for"Modemodels".

Working it ! Remember,u need to. Nothing comes free...

Later that afternoon I met up with a old friend'Mag'. I havent seen'Mag' for 3 years almost. Hes a Diamond handler.. I might get him to custom make one for me. We went me for a chocolate cake at the newly opened Siam paragon. And laughed the hours away.
Check out this lovley Menu of cakes. Mmmmmmmmmm.

Me and my good friend Mag..