Friday, December 01, 2006

Casting for Hair commercial Asia pacific.

today I went to see my agency"modelmodels". owned by former Thai model P'oh with his best friend Kun 'Jin.
I was so thrilled to met almost everyone working at modemodels. One of the bookers"Knok"had just quit 2 month before. She ws veery good booker who awlays took cre of me with jobs and personally. She still is a great friend of mine,and I wish her the best for the new adventure.
This makes me want to tell you about life.
'Many people always seems to be stuck in the same spot year in and year out. and complaining on why they dont move up in the latter of business etc. I can just tell you people who wants to achive success but dont now how to do it. Because you working for the same boss or staying with the same company for years.
For things to change,you must change as a person. And the best way to do that, is to get new influence from new interesting people. Ask me, I definitely know. I travel all over the world and meting some really amazing and interesting people from different cultures. It has taught me so much. I could go on writing many books from all of my experiences "and I definitely will" and I'm sure you can to.
Remember never be afraid to change or move on. It will always do you better.'
Anyway,back to where I was.

I went for casting later that afternoon for Hair commercial. And met two very nice casting directors from Moontime Studio.
Ms Pipe and Ms Pao

Coffee break with my fans, they recognized me from my Nescafe ad I did 3years ago...

My Nescafe Ad Thailand 2002