Friday, November 03, 2006

Wine tasting & Fashion Week Singapore

Today I went for some wine tasting and glimt of Singapores Fashion week.
At the wine exhibiton I met up with too ladies who where very kind and invited me for wine and some great talk. U can see my interview's right here. These 2 wine companies,is my best recommendation for the day.

Contact details:

Corner Stone
Ms.Dennice Chia

After learning and indulging some of the best wines from all over the world ;-) We crawl our ways out of the wine exhitbiton,and on to the fashion week next door.
I bumped in to my old booker at Ave modeling agency and designer friend Rizal. For those who are not familiar with the term"Booker". It means, Person in charge of getting models work/bookings..

After the Fashion shows had ended.. My stomach was screaming for food. I took the MRT from 'Singapore expo' to 'Chinatown' 20 min's ride. MRT"Mass rapid transit" is a short name for singapore's subway.
In Chinatown I passed by a very popular place 'Wuerstelstand' where Master chef Eric serve's up hi's sausages Ahhhhh... I guess my spelling came out wrong,hahahaha

All the best Eric for your sausages ;-)
and then..........