Sunday, November 05, 2006


Didn't do much,chilled out by the pool,reading my book"Master your mind,Design your destiny" and worked on my SunTan.
Evening time,I went down to Clarke key to meet a friend of mine for a drink.
It was Singapore fashion week last day,so there where a big party happening at Zouk club. Famous nightspot for bringing some of best international Dj's.
But I was to tired to met the crowed there,so I went to visit my old Booker and friend Cherine. Who I was working with togheter 3 years ago. At that time,for Elite models singapore.

Cherine & Me
Today,Cherine works for T-models singapore. Cherine is one of the most hard working bookers i've cum across in my carrer. Always making sure the models are comfortable ,taking cared of and supplied with alot of work. I sure do miss her ;-) Im very happy to see her again after 2 years.
While visiting t-models I bumped in too Daniel,model from singapore. Fresh recruit for the singaporian army,got his head shaved and Boots to polish.
Here's a short interview with Daniel outside T-models Agency.
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