Saturday, November 18, 2006

Friday 17 Nov
Full on day with shopping, business appointments ,and late work.
First stop Wheelock place...

Same place where I bought my first Ibook computer almost 2 years ago. What is that keeps me coming back here ? Hmmmm

Also today I had a great successful meting with Entrepreneur Ms Wendy kwek from singapore. U might remember her,if u read my previous posts on Work work work.. I will be attending her course"Entreprenuer Action Program" next coming month in december right here in singapore. And if u are in singapore,I would recommend you to get in touch with her program. It will change your way of thinking. Its a promise from me.

Details Ms Wendy.

Later that evening I was off to work. It was the VIP Annual dinner of HSBC BANK. My part for the night was being a Escort for the Chief Excecutive Ms Monica wong. Haha,it doesnt really have any conexion to modeling,but heyyyy. I sure did manage to put a smile on her face ;-)