Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Work work work..


Today my work started out with a casting for watch show"Vacheron Constantin" this coming friday. At Richemont Luxury in Wheelock place. I had been recommended by another client for this job. When I hear that,its like sweet music to other people ears.
Afterwards,I went for rehersal in Upper Club. Located inside the well know Chijmes. Im doing a fashion show there. It's a friend"Ms Patty"and friends of her who are arranging a 'Charity Ball' to raise money for the less fortunate people in Indonesia. Who have been hit by the terrible natural disasters the past years. I think thats a great ide. More power to them....

Later that evening,there where a Entrepreneur Action Seminar going on in Tanjong pagar(international plaza). Host for the seminar,was singapores well known entrepreneur 'Ms Wendy kwek'.

Picture below Ms Wendy and me.

Mr Johnny,my business partner in singapore.