Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dear players...

Hope you all are well.. Its been a while since I last updated the blog.. Everything is fine with me.. Just have a huge amount of things to deal with now, all my focus goes into Maximize Promotions and new living in London. It has not been easy, but what is in this life.. Nothing beats me down though. The harder it is, the more I enjoy it and push harder.. Things are coming Maximize promotions way.. We have been offered deals here and there, right to the left... but some of them we backed out from, as we didn't think they would be fruitful enough.. Many venues, brands and people in London have taken a lot of notice to what Maximize Promotions has created in such a short period time.

We still having a feel about who to work with and who will be on Maximize promotions team in London. i have been lucky to find some really great and talented people now.. That have shown me a lot of trust and support since starting this company..

Soon I'm going to post photos and details from the past weeks.. Just need a bit more time for myself now.. I'm always thinking about you all and to keep you updated.. Hope you are doing well and keep living your dream or working on that direction. Life is short, remember that, So just do your best while it last.. Nobody is expecting anything else form you, unless you do parties like we do.. Where the club owners aree screaming for people to come to their venue..

Love always..