Monday, September 13, 2010


Dear Players,

Today I have only good news to tell.. Its not often I do that.. OR?? Haha..

Well, my new website and business is really coming together here in London now.. Been working non-stop day and night putting contracts together, productions, creatives, networking, build my database/administration, the list is long etc... Today I closed 3 great deals. I signed on a new DJ for our artist Management which is about to be a lunched very soon same time together with the website MAXIMIZE PROMOTIONS and the new VIP CARD in London which offer our members exclusive privileges for hotels, retails, Hair & beauty, clubbing, restaurants, bars etc.. You name it players we bring it to you...

Today I also closed my second deal with Luxx-London to host Model dinners there every Friday.. That will be wicked!!
Will bring 10 hot females models with me every Friday for dinner, or if I can make it my Event coordinator"Tawanda" will do it for me.. Because that where my third deal is coming in. Last Friday I pitched to AURA to host weekly Friday events there(FASHION SERIES) where we invite brands to come on board every week, hair and make up, models etc is all sponsored and cross promoted through this event and put together by MAXIMIZE PROMOTIONS.
That plus some good news here and there talking to friends and people online in general.

Cheers everyone and keep focusing on your dreams and wants..