Thursday, September 02, 2010

Briliant meeting with EBAY.COM

Yesterday (Thursday) I had a brilliant meeting with my friend(Hasim) who is handling the business Development for EBAY.COM The meeting was about two things a new business venture with maximize promotions and and second one with Hasim himself.. I'm not going to reveal much yet, its still top secret but I'll promise to share with you all soon. EBay head office in outside London in Richmond was really nice, they had pool tables, free food and drinks, game consoles, ping pong tables, Cinema room etc.. What a great way to relax on your lunch break.. I read somewhere the other day , the brains thinks a lot better when it gets it rest.. and its true.. Sometimes things come more clear when a person don't think about it to much.. Details to follow soon... BIG NEWS!!!
Have so many projects running now at the same time its crazy... This week I had 100 new subscribers for my VIP parties in London. That's amazing!!!

here is my visit card from today meeting with EBAY.COM I erased some one my friend name for security reasons.. Cheers!