Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Being Successful As An Entrepreneur Takes Fortitude

Fortitude, defined as mental and emotional strength to manage difficulty with courage. This is the best term that comes to mind when I think of the first defining trait of a successful entrepreneur, online or off. You have to have the guts to stick it out and make it through... It will be tough at times, otherwise everyone would do it. And online, given it's low cost of entry (in most cases), it is all to easy to give up at the first hint of rough waters... I have actually seen entrepreneurs fail because they gave up right before the last wave...

In my mind fortitude applies in two places - financial and psychological. To succeed, you need both. You need to be strong mentally, emotionally and have a wallet that can stand being empty or worse. Times won't always be rosy and if you give up too easy, you might miss your big break. Only the strong survive.

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