Monday, August 09, 2010

Singin up with modeling agency - COSMIC MODELS in London!

Dear Players, Hope you are well and happy pursuing your dreams and aspirations everyday.

So I have now signed up with modeling agency "Cosmic Models" in London(UK). Was introduced to them by my Swedish long time friend (Peter Almquist) who is also working with the same agency. The head Booker for men is David. Really cool dude and gentle about his models, caring from head to toe. WEBSITE

I've been to a few castings(TVC's) for big money jobs. Let's see how it pan out in the end and if I get the jobs..? Tomorrow I have a go-see/photo shoot with Italian photographer Andrea Rossi. Heard he is suppose to be really good! Its for the London fashion week.. Feel's great being back in the saddle again after long time away from the fashion, modeling, casting, photo shoots, the people, designers, clothes, hair and mae up etc.. Love it... Let's see what the future holds here in London now until i go back to Thailand for my business that I lost during all this previous mess of mine.. Today(Monday) I got a new flat in Central Notting Hill.. Waiting for my Soulmate (Cristina) to come back from oversea. this coming Thursday , a day before my party.. Will make love to her like crazy. Time flies but its been good time apart.. Shows how much we want each other and how focused we are for each other. Other then that.. Thing are moving up and I have loads of businesses in the pipeline coming soon. You'll see soon!
Nothing comes by itself though, its hard work 24/7.. But nothing is hard when a person love what they do and never give up... Since coming out of London prison I have now launched two new business venture and waiting for some good deals/contracts to take them off sky high, also planning t launch my father business too in London which is portable Display system. All this goes hand in hand with what I currently do, so why not leverage in that opportunity =)
The people I have meet in London so far is all, mostly really nice people and great spirits.. Had so much fun and had so much help from good people I just meet. Also recently stayed with my friend Merhzad while looking for new house and setting up my life again. He is an old friend of mine since many years from Dubai, and he is always there for a friend.. No matter what! Those are the people I like to surround myself with... Love you brother.. and I love my family too. Plans are to bring my son her soon to London.. Its been a very long time now I haven't seen him, we keep chatting on skype time to time. he is sooo cute and naughty... Hihi!

photos to come soon... Players, stay cool and out of trouble...And if somebody get you into trouble deal with and don't run away..

PS: I saw Steve(Sarah Driver/bodyguard) last week in two parties.. ha ha, Surreal to se him out again on the street. He was coked up with drugs. Seems we know the same people in London. It doesn't surprise me though. The circle is small... Except the people he hang with are all douch bags and losers...

More news to come very soon.. I have some interesting things to tell from the past two week's , but as of now I'm waiting to see what offer comes in first.. Like the potential casting for the new X-Men movie my agency is trying to cast me for now. Cross your fingers everybody, taht would be awesome If i got the part... SWING!