Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Dear Players,

Hope you're doing well and happy..?

This been a great 2-3 days, bee working so hard non-stop on my business here in London, things are rolling fast forward better then expected.. Today my brilliant in house Graphic designer(Dave) helped me putting up the website for RIBBSAETER FOUNDATION. The new website with text and photos will soon be up and running. Dave is currently working on the website for MAXIMIZE PROMOTIONS.COM The site will be amazing he promised me, and of course I believe in him. He is my main guy, get's the job directly when I ask him for it.. That's what I call entrepreneurship.. Im glad to have meet these people during my 30 years in life. people have come and people and gone, but my true friends will always be there and now its amazing feeling after getting to know them better we finally doing business together as well. Brilliant!!
Cristina is currently back in Ibiza for the closing season, miss her very much but the relationship and time apart also makes us grow more stronger.. I have changed so much since my time in prison... Don't go out that much anymore, no cheating on girlfriends, no flirting like before.. Just a bit in the work, hahah. But that's work.. Nothing else.. Even the greatest of the greatest used seduction as tool to leverage them self into victory. You have to in today's environment.. But don't do it cheeky way, do it with your pure heart and glimt in the eye.. Also glad to have my amazing friend here Mehrzad whom I've know for many years in time in Dubai.. Future plans are now for RIBBSAETER FOUNDATION to increase brand awareness and get some big corporations on-board and sponsor the foundation. So we can start good causes for those in need.. If you want to apply as a spokes person, please do feel free to contact me on patrick@ribbsaeterfoundation.com