Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm really sad now about the brake up with Cristina, I must confess.. Can't believe this happened when everything was going so great between us both personally and professionally... I have made the biggest mistake ever... I saw cristina today in clapham common and all I could think of was to kiss her and tell her how much i really love her and want to change for her.. So we can be happy together.. I will respect cristina choice, if she plans to continue with me or move on alone... But I will be devastated if that happen.. Then I have been the dumbest man alive, by losing the best woman in the world... Have not been able to think all day after this...

I will always love Cristina and I don't want any other girl.. ONLY YOU!
I'll get better soon. Thanks for reading my posting today..

About my previous posting"ITS OVER" , I was mad and upset about what had happened and maybe shouldn't have wrote surten stuff I like I didn't care... because I do care and have a lot to work on now..