Friday, July 23, 2010

Winning the court case against my ex girlfriend Ms Sarah Al amoudi and her driver/security Sarkis Tokatlian. TRUTH ALWAYS PREVAILS!!

Its been a week now since I won the court case against my ex girlfriend Sarah Al Amoudi and her driver/bodyguard(Sarkis Tokatlian). Been spending it together with my soulmate(Cristina) making love everyday.... HIHI!!
After spending almost 7 Month in prison for something I didn't do to be there, but defended myself against a person who was very dangerous.. It has been the worst time of my life this experience but also the most rewarding one. I would never want to go through that horrible experience again. Not only did I explain to the police what really happen that night, but they decided to start a case against me without having any really proper motives.. All they wanted was to build a case against me and get much as possible media exposure out of this case for their own winning. But that planned failed!!!
I've always said, Truth will prevail.. Can never change the truth.. It always comes out.. And justice have been served now... And the more people try to hurt you and the more they put their energy into making a person look guilty, the more that person comes out not guilty. The prosecutor of the case was even so desperate in court trying to stitch me up, they tried to make up stories to win the case, saying I was pissed of being called gay, I had tattooed myself with Sarah, I posted details on my blog about the court case etc name blah blah blah... I hope this case teaches them a lesson.. We are now planning to take law suits against them all for their failures, my injuries, loss of time and money to name a few... My special thanks goes to My Barrister Ms SAFORA SYED who worked day and night try to get the truth out, which she did. Without her work and determination for to win, nothing of this would have been possible.. I'm truly grateful to her for helping me out this way.. She is also a very friendly person who really cares for her clients.. I'm so glad to have found her as my friend and will always cherish her efforts.. There are some more people I want to thanks as well. My girlfriend Cristina, whom is my soulmate.. She came everyday to court the two weeks, sitting on the other side of the glass, supporting me, during my hard time. She was looking stunning everyday and all I could think of was to go home with her and make love passionately.. Also want to thank my longtime friend Peter who came on and off to see me in court, and Louisa my friend and client who came the last day of verdict.. It was the hardest day of my life... What ever happen to Sarah I don't know. All I know wish that she has a lot of problem now, with the government, people trying to steal her business, court cases etc.. I feel sorry for her to have these people around, but then again she is old enough to make her own decisions.. Her driver steve is among those who blackmails her on money.. My story with Sarah al amoudi is over.. Now I"m starting a new happy life again in London.. Its a brilliant city , so much opportunities here and people are nice too.. Will bring my son"universe" here too, and Lynn the mother of universe..

Photos of me and the 12 JURY members. They all wanted to see me after the court case had finished. My Barrister Ms Safora Syed said it never happen before a jury wanted to see the accused person. I feel lucky to have had these amaing 12 people in the jury deicing already first week I'm not guilty for this charges the police tried to build against me. They where all really nice and caring of me.. And so glad they gave me this opportunity to live again.. The Judge of the case had planned to put me a way for a long time, I could have got up to life in prison.. The jugde even added a charge to the indictment, that I tried to inflict Steve harm.. That's all bullshit! Anyway.. The case is close and I'm happy to be out again seeing friends and being back to business.. Every experience is a success! One of my saying goes like this. EITHER TIME DO YOU OR YOU DO THE BEST OF THE TIME. Itd eosn't matter where I am in the world, I will always do my best to keep my mind creative and with the right positive thinking. In regards to the horrible news the media wrote about me the day before I won the court case.. That just show's how little they really know about the truth and shoudl do a better investigation before talking to the public.. But hey, end of the day its all PR...LIKE IN PATRICK RIBBSAETER =) HIHI!!
Hope you all players are well and don't be afraid of trying new things in life.. Stay positive always ;) And don't be afraid of dreaming big and follow your dreams. if you fall your learn and then you'll learn how to fly..