Tuesday, June 15, 2010

THE SECRET - Noooo.. Not my secret.. Haha.. I don't have any.. Especially not for you all =)

This is a gift to you all I feel its my responsibility to pass on to all UNIVERSAL PLAYERS out there. Its a facebook friend of mine, her name is Yasemin Durbak.. After I did my posting about the incident which happen to me in London, she read my blog and came back to me with this website link for the secret.. I have now down loaded it from the website and started to read a bit.. And its amazing read, and you feel so much better after reading pages after pages... What I also like about this online books, is that in it, they mention the UNIVERSAL LAWS, UNIVERSAL MIND, INTELLIGENCE ETC. Kinda goes hand in hand with what I do with my brand UNIVERSAL PLAYER.. The e-book also mentions a lot about the UNIVERSE, which is the name of my son.. The book portrays exactly how I see my soon myself in this world... This is a must read for you all... You can download it here by clicking this link: GET E-BOOKS HAVE A GREAT TIME RADING IT AND THANK YOU TO YASEMIN DURBAK x.